Improve Employee Turnover with Better Incident Reporting & Safety Culture
Blog | March 31st, 2021

Improve Employee Turnover with Better Incident Reporting & Safety Culture

A large family-owned hog production network in Carlyle, Illinois, with 200 sites across seven Midwest states and approximately 1,100 employees was dealing with high employee turnover.

The primary reason for this turnover was due to possible biosecurity risks and concerns about picking up any diseases while at work. The company that was founded in 1851 specializes in environmentally and economically sustainable hog production and raises hogs to feed more than 14 million households.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was designated as an essential business, increasing the need for stringent biosecurity measures and team safety.

When documenting safety policies and procedures for the company and its partners to conduct incident investigations, incident data analysis, determine focus areas, and develop safety training — the company found their existing incident management system was unable to meet their requirements of service, cost, adaptability, and scalability.

Legacy and manual systems for incident management may have served their purpose in a less complex world with a smaller scale of operations. But today, with the globalization of supply chains, the scale of operations and risks have also gone up. This requires more modern, automated methods of incident management from intake to mitigation. Compliance requirements, employee expectations, and customer perception are undergoing a change where businesses’ capability to control and manage incidents is becoming critical for their survival.

Identifying and Mitigating Incident Risks with a Next-gen Incident Management Solution

For efficiently managing the incidents in their organizations, businesses like the hog producer need access to all the incident data in their organization, near misses, safety observations, and investigations. Here, it becomes important to train and empower employees to report incidents or near-misses as they are happening for speedy response and remediation. It is also important to allow for positive reinforcement by reporting and appreciating a successful safety action and noting it for future reference.

By centralizing the data, businesses can run reports and analytics to detect a hazardous trend ahead of time to mitigate risks and prevent accidents. Dashboards, charts, and trend analysis of incident data have become a “must-have” in today’s scenario. This can also help with the electronic submission of OSHA 300, 300A, or 301 incident forms.

Automating with ComplianceQuest

The hog producer realized the need to automate their incident management system and opted for ComplianceQuest’s EHS software built natively on the cloud based platform.

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The new platform offered robust features that would help the team extract and analyze incident data. This data helped determine how and why the incidents were occurring and identify what could be done to remedy the situation (with agility) to avoid future incidents.

The hog producer demonstrated its employee-first attitude by implementing a tool that empowered the employees to report incidents and provided visibility into the incident handling workflow, reiterating its commitment to their safety. This resulted in reducing employee turnover apart from providing real-time insights into incident rates.

In today’s world, businesses not only need customer focus but also employee and compliance focus. This has become possible with automation. ComplianceQuest’s Health and Safety Incident Management facilitates collaboration, analytics, dashboarding, and predictive intelligence to enable this with greater ease. As a user-friendly platform, it is time and cost-effective and enables customized and optimized analytics and data visualization.

Incident management is important not only to prevent a business from paying penalties and compensation but also to improve employee turnover, increase productivity, enhance brand image, and drive growth.

Improve workplace health and safety and employee well-being with the ComplianceQuest Incident Management software.

Some of our key features include:

Near Miss Reporting: Facilitate near-miss reporting and tracking to prevent a future incident

Injury & Illness: Easily track, manage, and report on any incident from initial entry to completion

Property, Assets, & Motor Vehicles: Create comprehensive reports with pictures on all property, assets, or motor vehicle-related incidents, the causes, costs, corrective actions, and trends easily and in one place

Environmental Hazards & Spills: Track environmental-related hazards and spills and stay compliant at all times

Reporting & Dashboards: Access real-time reporting anytime on any device and create accessible, useful dashboards with just a few clicks to analyze and garner insights from data. It also offers the ability to drill down and analyze health and safety data by location or injury type.

OSHA Reporting & Compliance: Produce OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 incident forms electronically with just a few clicks

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