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User Experience

user experience

Take the Complexity Out of QHSE: Achieve Your Goals with Our Simplified, Yet Robust Platform

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user experience

User Interface | MyCQ | Language & Location | Mobility | Low-code/No code Platform

Effective quality, and safety software is crucial for managing quality and safety, but a user-friendly interface is just as important. An intuitive interface can significantly impact adoption, effectiveness, and overall performance. QHSE software offers a powerful solution for managing crucial business operations, but to unlock its full potential, it must provide an intuitive user experience. At ComplianceQuest, we prioritize user experience and interface design to help you take your quality and safety management to the next level

user interface

User Interface

A sophisticated QHSE system doesn’t have to be complex to use: Get things done quickly and easily with our persona-based user interface

We believe in simplifying QHSE management. Our persona and permission set-based user interface offers a common, personalized user experience that's easy to use and efficient. After all, we want to give you a stress-free QHSE management experience.

Our solutions put the power in your hands! With our cutting-edge platform, users will only be able to access records they've been given permission to view. Plus, you can customize your pages to display only the fields you need for the task at hand. Our flexible platform allows administrators to configure settings as needed, so you can optimize your workflow for maximum efficiency. And with configurable CQ product menus, you can tailor the experience to each individual user. Need to find something specific? No problem! Our global search function makes it easy to find anything you need. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to our system today and experience the future of data management!


Effortless QHSE management: Meet MyCQ, the user-focused app by ComplianceQuest

Our platform offers MyCQ, a single-page app designed for infrequent users to access ComplianceQuest quickly and perform any assigned actions. With MyCQ, you can track open tasks, pending approvals/signoffs, and pending training assigned to you. Whether you are an approver, executive team member, or a lite user, MyCQ allows users to access just the data and actions they need.

Some of the key benefits of MyCQ are:

  • Simple and Intuitive UI making task completion a breeze for anyone
  • Single Point of Access to documents, tasks, training, and reports
  • Personalized to each employee
  • Timesaving as employees can quickly complete tasks assigned
  • Simplified Incident/Issues Reporting, any employee can quickly report incidents/quality issues.
mycq user experience
language and localization

Language and Localization

Break down language barriers with ComplianceQuest's language and localization capabilities

ComplianceQuest understands that for organizations operating across borders and language barriers, QHSE management processes must be accessible in local languages to drive efficient adoption of a single enterprise platform. That's why ComplianceQuest's suites fully leverage the Salesforce translation engine, supporting over 90 written and spoken languages. By providing this level of localization, ComplianceQuest empowers global users to access and work on the platform in their preferred language, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

With the built-in Translation Workbench, ComplianceQuest customers can take their localization efforts even further by customizing and translating everything from picklist values to custom fields. This feature allows customers to tailor the platform to their unique needs and preferences, assigning translators to languages and overriding labels and translations as needed. Ultimately, ComplianceQuest's commitment to accessibility and usability ensures that users can work on the platform without language barriers, making it an indispensable tool for global QHSE management.


Stay connected to your QHSE processes anytime, anywhere with ComplianceQuest's Mobile App

ComplianceQuest's QHSE mobile app offers numerous benefits to organizations looking to streamline their quality and safety management processes. With the app's intuitive interface and easy-to-use features, users can easily navigate and interact with the platform, boosting adoption rates and overall efficiency. The app also allows users to access critical data and functionality from anywhere at any time, improving the flexibility and responsiveness of the organization.

The ComplianceQuest QHSE mobile app is designed to enhance the overall user experience and increase the effectiveness of the QHSE platform. From enabling real-time collaboration to streamlining data collection and analysis, the app empowers users to work smarter and faster. By leveraging the power of mobile technology, ComplianceQuest is providing organizations with a powerful tool to optimize their QHSE management processes, improve business outcomes, and ensure the safety and well-being of their employees.

low code no code

Low Code/No Code Platform

Effortlessly configure the system and tailor your workflows to fit your evolving needs

With our intuitive platform, you can easily configure the system and workflows without having to code. Whether you are looking to streamline your safety data reporting or manage quality processes, our software is designed to mirror your current workflows and support your evolving business requirements. With Salesforce configurability, you can rest assured that our platform is built to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Our platform offers a range of configurable options that ensure that you can easily tailor workflows to your unique needs. Additionally, with an intuitive interface, you can make changes on the fly and keep up with the pace of your business. With Salesforce interoperability, our solution can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, making it easier than ever to take control of your business processes.

Enhanced Next Best Action

Going Beyond Next Steps Enhanced Next Best Action is task-driven, focusing on open activities that propel you forward. It shows your next move, ensuring a seamless transition from one task to the next, maximizing efficiency.

With Enhanced NBA, you can

  • View Pending and To Be Completed Tasks
  • Complete a Task
  • Know the Prerequisites to be Completed
  • Get Help Text and Warning Messages
  • Enhanced Next Best Actions throughout Audit record lifecycle
  • Ability to generate and route multiple Audit reports for approval using same/different report templates
  • Complete Audit action to complete Audit and Issue Report(s)
  • Enhanced Next Best Actions throughout Supplier Interaction record lifecycle
  • Ability to redo one/all workflow steps through a single modal
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