Automate your Workplace and Employee Safety Process with ComplianceQuest EHS

Automate your Workplace and Employee Safety Process with ComplianceQuest EHS

A four-pronged approach to employee and workplace safety requires the following:

  • Designyour workplace safety interventions by referring to the CDC or OSHA guidelines
  • Monitorworkplace safety data in real-time, with data visibility across the organization
  • Actbased on predictive analytics and with a proactive mindset
  • Improveby taking quick corrective or preventive actionwhenever needed

Following this unprecedented development of the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, successfully returning to the physical workplace has become a priority in several sectors. Recovering from the crisis is also an opportunity to reframe your company’s future. Returning to the workplace post lockdown is not an event, it’s a process.
Some key personnel have helped sustain critical food, grocery, healthcare and pharma supply chains, keeping shelves stocked and deliveries made, often putting themselves and their families at risk. Others have been working exceptionally long hours remotely. Succeeding in this uncertain period requires operating in two gears that move seamlessly across each other. Gear 1 focuses on the trusted transition back to the physical workplace to mitigate risks for employees and customers. Gear 2 explores how to better transform based upon the experiences gained through the COVID-19 crisis into a rethinking of work for the future.
Businesses need an exhaustive set of checklists that are well-designed and deeply thought out for creating a safe workplace as employees return to work. Additionally, depending on the risk levels of the location, different areas may need different processes. Irrespective of the specific interventions being planned, a robust workplace and employee safety process is impossible without automation.

Automate Workplace Safety with ComplianceQuest EHS

In order to help you with a smooth transition back into the workplace, ComplianceQuest, through the partnership with Salesforce’s initiative, has launched a workplace and employee safety app that helps automate your company’s safety and quality processes. As part of, ComplianceQuest has introduced two products; one, a Supplier Readiness app that could help global businesses rebuild their supply chains for the new normal. The second one is a Workplace Safety app for a data-driven, collaborative platform managing the workflows for employee health and workplace safety. The Workplace Safety app can also be integrated with other applications, making it easier for leaders to automate the process of reopening. Companies can set up custom dashboards, alerts, and employee communication workflows, according to their needs.

Ensuring EHS Management with Key Workplace Safety Measures

The key to employee and workplace safety requires the following four-pronged approach:

  • Design: Building an exhaustive process, workflows, and checklists to manage workplace safety interventions by referring to the CDC or OSHA guidelines for all locations. It helps to drive communication, collaboration, and ensure data rolls up across the organization.
  • Monitor: Tracking workplace safety data in real-time, with data visibility across the organization. It helps to improve safety processes across the board including injury/incident reporting, tracking of movement of vehicles or equipment within their stipulated areas, or even managing equipment maintenance and cleaning.
  • Act: Taking actions based on predictive analytics and a proactive mindset. After designing a checklist and workflow, safety procedures and workflows will need continuous improvement and adjustment, in addition to swift action to any safety event.
  • Improve: Taking quick corrective or preventive action whenever needed. It helps with data visibility, organizational culture, continuous improvement, and even ensure regulatory needs.

Feel free to download the quick guide for a detailed perspective of how to automate your workplace safety processes and embrace digital transformation and automation as businesses reopen.
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