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Energy & Utilities Industry

Discover how ComplianceQuest helps meet the product lifecycle, quality, and safety requirements of the energy and utilities industry

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Energy & Utilities Industry

Deliver Critical Services at peak Quality, & Safety Compliance

The Energy & Utilities industry is the backbone of our shared social infrastructure. Keeping your business running at peak quality, and safety compliance would be a matter of special importance for ComplianceQuest. Here are some key challenges that need to be addressed for Energy & Utilities companies,

Deliver Critical Services

Real cloud, Location Independent Systems

With sites located across multiple, often remote locations, aging infrastructure and tight maintenance schedules we recommend that Energy & Utilities businesses should opt for a fully integrated, real cloud-based quality & safety system for seamless processes and real-time shared dashboards.

Data & Knowledge Distribution

This system would include electronic document management to ensure the records across sites are in sync. Moreover, in-depth data and knowledge distribution should ensure common, configurable dashboards and a truly integrated system that provides a single source of data.

Integrated Quality, and Safety System

Moreover, E&U businesses have a pressure to continuously perform and keep downtimes to the minimum. In case of any mishaps, there could be serious environmental implications and employee health and safety situations. Towards this you would need various EHS solutions like environmental impact assessment, risk management, spills and releases, health and safety incidents, near misses, asset related incidents and so on.

A solution like ComplianceQuest with fully integrated EQMS and EHS on one real cloud platform provides you an end to end solution for your needs.

Deliver Critical Services

Real cloud, fully integrated Next Gen Solution

Fully Integrated Next Gen Solution
Fully Integrated Next Gen Solution

ComplianceQuest is a fully integrated Quality, and Safety Management System built on the Salesforce cloud. It bundles together a breadth of solutions across the various functions of quality & safety. These include inspection management, audit, risk management, suppliers and contractors, document management, training compliance, nonconformance and more. Moreover, ComplianceQuest brings you some key benefits,

  • In-depth data integration across the system and by integrating with non-native ERPs creates a single source of truth.
  • Increase adoption and user participation due to intuitive experience providing clear user guidance, common definitions and therefore reducing the need for training.
  • Automated decision support based on pre-defined data models
  • Built on a leading business cloud, ensures the highest levels of security, reliability, uptime, scalability and future readiness of your system.
  • Standardization & flexibility to follow the industry’s best practices, with a proven workflow. But it’ll also have the flexibility to custom design a new workflow for your specific needs.

With ComplianceQuest, you get all the above benefits across all the modules of the EQMS and EHS system with a team that prioritizes customer success.

With ComplianceQuest, you get all the above benefits across all the modules of the EQMS and EHS system with a team that prioritizes customer success.

Prioritizes Customer Success

The Energy & Utilities companies need to operate in harsh conditions. Any downtime could cause hardship for a large number of people who are dependent on these services. Fixing any problems would need to be done in the shortest time and often in difficulties locations. With serious health and safety risk to the employees.

At the same time the costs must be kept minimal even with the company infrastructure getting aged or even in need of repair. With so many pressure points, only a nimble and agile modern solution will do. Real cloud-based solutions not only provide you the immense benefit of automation, integration and location independence. They also often turn out to be the cheaper alternative overall while addressing all your requirements.

ComplianceQuest is a 100% cloud based EQMS and EHS Management System built on the platform. We have worked with over 200 companies to keep their quality & safety systems on the cutting edge of their industry.

Prioritizes Customer Success
Regulations Addressed

Regulations Addressed

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001/45001
  • ISO 31000
  • ComplianceQuest is the complete integrated tool to support organizations in collecting, collating and managing all of their safety and quality information to comply with safety management system and occupational health and safety regulations.

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