AI-enabled Safety Management and Incident Handling: Why it Matters?
Blog | April 5th, 2023

AI-enabled Safety Management and Incident Handling: Why it Matters?

At ComplianceQuest, as part of our applied AI series, we published a series of blogs on how AI, ML, and NLP capabilities can enhance quality and safety management workflows.

In one of our blogs titled ‘Applied AI Series: Improved User Experience for Quality and Safety Teams’ - we wrote about how intelligent automation can save time and make life easier for safety leaders.

In another post, we focused on how AI capabilities in CQ EHS enable better incident handling. We wrote about how CQ.AI helps with the following:

  • Helps infrequent users of CQ EHS avoid manual data entry errors using prompts
  • How similar safety incidents are tagged and marked as “duplicate”. This streamlines the process (and minimizes repeat work) of conducting and planning safety investigations
  • A safety investigation record can be linked automatically to a current ongoing investigation

Each of these “AI features” helps improve efficiency, increase user adoption, reduce repetitive work and overall makes life easier for the safety team.


Real AI for Better Safety Management: Not Just Marketing Speak

As McKinsey wrote in its ‘State of AI in 2022’ year-end report, the value of AI-powered software cannot be discounted anymore.

  • With the proper adoption of AI-based software solutions, there is a direct impact on business and financial performance
  • AI-powered automation or ‘Intelligent Automation’ improves operational efficiency
  • It helps save time wasted on repetitive tasks (like repeat investigations on similar incidents)
  • In cases when there’s access to reliable data, predictive models can be built to spot risks and take preventive measures

CQ.AI for Better Safety Management Processes

By using the CQ.AI framework, we’ve automated and streamlined several key safety management processes - all with the intent of driving continuous improvement.

The following are some of the key AI-powered capabilities in ComplianceQuest EHS:

  • CQ.AI assistant helps an employee report a safety incident with the right data points and all the details
  • Similar safety incidents are automatically detected and marked as “duplicate”
  • A safety incident report can be linked to a current safety investigation if relevant based on “similarity identification”
  • Automatically trigger a safety investigation linking to a new incident, avoiding manual errors safety incident
  • CQ.AI suggests “Next Best Action” across the safety management workflow
  • Similar findings from a safety audit are batched together for easier processing
  • Automatic categorization of risk - by risk level and priority real use case user experience benefits
  • In our blog titled ‘Applied AI Series: Quality & Safety Audits Made Easy with AI’ we wrote about how there is no need to waste time manually going through previous audit records. The site manager would automatically get a list of similar audit findings with a score for each finding and a recommendation to mark as reoccurring. The manager can then easily start an investigation and escalate to a CAPA if needed.

Overall, AI enables the safety team to:

  • Conduct more efficient safety audits
  • Speeds up the process of safety investigations and minimize redundant investigations
  • Make the risk management process more robust
  • Drives agility into the corrective action (CA) process
  • Use data more efficiently to make better safety decisions

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