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Food and Beverages Industry

Discover how ComplianceQuest helps meet the product lifecycle, quality and safety requirements of the food and beverages industry

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Food and Beverages Industry

Create Brand Advocates with the highest standards of Quality & Safety Compliance

Create Brand Advocates

Any Foods and Beverages business must maintain the highest standards for their brand reputation. Consumers are now more conscious than ever about their buying choices with regards nutrition, environmental impact, fair trade and humane workplace practices. Moreover, social media can make any quality or safety gaps go viral very quickly leading to a huge loss of market trust in the products. This coupled with the increased regulatory scrutiny, multiple supply chains and competitive markets means that your F & B business needs a robust and continuously improving Quality & Safety System. A system that leads to brand advocates I.e. customers who swear by your quality of product.

Continuously Improving systems like the ComplianceQuest QHSE (EQMS + EHS) ensure that the process of decision-making is swift and pro-active, making it conducive to deploy it in evolving markets. For businesses that are operating with multiple supply chains and diverse sets of requirements, we feel that ‘continuous improvement’ is a key element to drive excellence in quality and embrace safety fully. businesses can ensure that all aspects of their business is taken care of by this system and probability of mishaps is minimized.

Create Brand Advocates

A continuously improving Quality & Safety Management System

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Being a consumer-focused brand, maintaining the highest standards of Quality and Safety Compliance are key to generating brand loyalty in the end users. F&B brands need positive word of mouth from their users. And consistent, high quality products can lead to genuine brand advocates.

ComplianceQuest is well-positioned to serve your business in its pursuit of quality excellence. Continuous Improvement is one of our guiding principles and we ensure that it is embedded across the business process, systems, design and people. We bring a large breadth of solutions to meet all your compliance requirements. This includes:

  • CAPA management: Corrective Action Preventive Action ensures that quality & safety standards are maintained. Our step by step out of the box CAPA workflow is made with a built-in workflow indicator. You can use this workflow as is or configure it differently to suit your needs.
  • Inspection: Track, conduct and complete inspection activities in a timely manner. The Inspection criteria can be defined by your quality/engineering teams thus ensuring a process that is completely suited to your business and product.
  • Automating repeatable quality tracking processes thereby enabling employees to focus their efforts on identifying and addressing issues that need human intervention
  • Supplier / Contractor Management: A complete end to end management application for your Supplier/Contractor lifecycle management needs. Works seamlessly for global and diverse. supply chains.

Along with this the ComplianceQuest solution integrates a breadth of solutions including document management, audit, environmental, health and safety, training compliance, nonconformance and many more.

Safety is Priceless

Safety is Priceless

Any quality or safety failure could have huge implications on brand loyalty and word of mouth for any business and more so for an F&B business. Our integrated Quality & Safety Management System ensures you get the best of both worlds – quality excellence as well as a proactive safety culture, by embracing digitization and automation of processes.

Moreover, multiple supply chains and increasing global awareness of fair-trade practices and conscious buying means that you need to ensure compliance and safety at every step of your business. You need a completely up-to-date compliance system that can ensure the various functions in your Quality & Safety system work completely in sync. From CAPA and document management to inspections and risk management.

ComplianceQuest is a 100% cloud-based system built on the Salesforce platform. It provides you a fully integrated Quality and Safety Management System to cater to all your ends. And it integrates with all other ERPs. Thus, ensuring an end to end quality and safety management.

Safety is Priceless
Regulations Addressed

Regulations Addressed

  • CFR Part 117
  • Part 11
  • cGMP
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO/FSSC 22000
  • ISO 18001/45001
  • ISO 31000
  • FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)

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