August 9th, 2022 | 41:16

Unlocking the Value of Complaints

Complaint handling in the medical device industry entails more than appeasing unhappy customers. It’s a regulatory requirement and a risk-reduction imperative. Cutting edge device manufacturers don’t view their complaint-handling process as burdensome; instead, they fully embrace the process for the invaluable data it provides – data that can help design better, safer products, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Leaders are relying on modern cloud-based platforms to automate or streamline their intake, triage, investigation, closure or escalation, recall management and reporting. Only by leveraging real-time analytics can you minimize or eliminate the manual monitoring and tracking of data or disparate processes across legacy systems; thereby increasing effectiveness and efficiency throughout the complaint-handling process.

Join us to get a better idea about:

  • Why collecting vital information right the first time is pivotal in making timely quality and regulatory decisions
  • How to use the Complaint-handling process and related data to learn from mistakes
  • How Complaint Files are a gateway mechanism for CAPA and Post-Market activities
  • Exactly how to build a robust complaint-handling process that improves Quality, Safety, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty

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