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Elevate Your Standards with a Complete Quality Management System


Transform quality into an enabler: boost efficiency, increase satisfaction, and trim costs with a fully connected, AI-powered quality management solution

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Quality as a Top Priority

-80% Cost of IT Infra Management -48% Cost of Quality

The quality of your product or service is what leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Rock-solid quality can establish lifelong loyalty and market dominance. At the same time, the results of inferior quality, such as recalls and product delays, can be detrimental to your brand’s perception.

If you want your business to grow today and remain economically relevant in the future, you need a modern digital quality management system (QMS) in place to overcome today’s quality management challenges:

  • Lack of Standardization: Processes that vary from department to department or even within the same department, lead to inconsistencies in the quality of your final product or service.
  • Difficulty in Measuring and Tracking Progress: Silos and manual processes make it difficult for you to identify opportunities for improvement, measure ROI (Return on Investment), and monitor progress toward your goals.
  • Repeated Costly Delays: Annual and time-consuming processes caused by an ineffective QMS introduce a considerable risk for human error, leading to delays and expensive operational costs.
  • Disconnected and Ineffective Processes: Paper-based or legacy QMS systems can and will hold you back, slowing down workflows and leading to inconsistencies.
  • Hectic audit management: Without efficient and digital audit workflows, managing audits becomes a nightmare, especially across global sites and suppliers.

Overcome Quality Management Challenges with a Modern QMS

Modern QMS

By implementing a fully connected quality management suite of solutions, you not only address all of today’s quality challenges, but you also turn quality management into a competitive edge.

ComplianceQuest is a cloud based QMS software that enables your team with standardized processes and real-time visibility into everyday quality processes. With CQ’s unified data model, you can make data-driven decisions and quickly respond to issues as they arise. Additionally, advanced analytics and applied AI-powered use cases can help you recognize trends and stop quality events before they even happen.

With CQ’s complete Quality Management Suite not only can you meet your quality standards, but you can elevate them. You can start being proactive and anticipate quality events, making sure you are delivering the highest quality products and services to your customers, every time.

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A fully Connected Suite of Quality Solutions

Silos slow you down. That is why your CQ’s quality modules are fully connected and work together so you can effectively manage quality events and processes across the organization.

fully Connected Quality suite

Get the tools that make planning and executing both internal and external audits easy. With CQ’s configurable workflows, you can build and automate a scalable audit management process based on your specific needs in no time.

  • Audit planning, scheduling, and report generation.
  • Finding response and response policy setting.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.
  • AI-powered finding categorization and trending.
CAPA raised per Year

Drive continuous improvement with a closed-loop CAPA system. Give your teams advanced investigational tools so they can get to the root of every issue and applied AI use cases to catch trends early on.

  • Advanced investigation collaboration tools.
  • Verification plans, effectiveness review, and closure.
  • ERP/CRM integration.
  • AI-powered CAPA categorization and reoccurrence identification.
Change Control
Change Control

Ensure compliance by monitoring the execution of all changes and conduct impact assessments to understand their effects organization-wide.

  • Documented change workflow tracking and monitoring.
  • Collaboration tools with action assigning and tracking.
  • Integration with other key processes including CAPA, NC, and Document.
  • Change evaluation and impact assessment.
Equipment Management

Reduce your equipment’s downtime and ensure calibration and preventive maintenance schedules are on track with an automated Equipment Management workflow. 

  • Calibration scheduling with automatic alerts.
  • Equipment and maintenance activity tracking.
  • Advanced reports and analytics per equipment.
  • Direct integration with NC and CAPA solutions.
Laboratory Investigations

Ensure your QC (Quality Control) laboratories investigations are systematic, comprehensive, and quick with pre-built workflows and customizable checklists that ensure compliance from start to finish.

  • Phase 1 to Phase 2 workflows with NC escalation.
  • Configurable queues and pre-built checklists.
  • Field alert assessment field.
  • Formatted printouts and templates.
Management Review

Keep your finger on the pulse of what matters and take smarter data-driven decisions with AI-powered control towers that give you deeper insights into your organization’s key metrics.

  • AI-powered dashboards and analytics.
  • Review meeting management and agenda documentation.
  • Mobile access.
  • ISO Compliant meeting reports.

Reduce your cost of quality (CoQ) and prevent failures and recalls with an automated process to capture, triage, investigate and close all NCs quickly and effectively.

  • 5-Why interactive dashboard for advanced investigation.
  • AI-powered use cases for automatic NC categorization and reoccurrence detection.
  • CAPA escalation and integration with Document and Training.
  • Failure mode identification and handling policy.
Product Inspection

Avoid product recalls and ensure your customers are satisfied with simplified product inspection. Ensure the highest quality standards are met through receiving, manufacturing, and finished goods inspection.

  • Simple ERP integration.
  • Fully connected to Equipment, NC, and CAPA solutions.
  • Inspection criteria setting and monitoring.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics.
mustangbio case study

Customer Success

Global Medical Device and Aesthetic Company Transforms Quality System with Next-Gen EQMS

mustangbio case study
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Why ComplianceQuest

  • The Strongest Data Security Measures

    ComplianceQuest is proudly built on the Salesforce cloud, one of the most secure and trusted clouds in the market.

  • Proactive Continuous Improvement

    ComplianceQuest provides complete closed-loop processes to deliver integrated quality management. On top of that, trend recognition and predictive analytics help you spot alarming trends early on and take proactive measures.

  • Fully Digital and Reliable

    ComplianceQuest’s cloud-based platform supports fully digital business with modules that are based on domain expertise and best practices. It allows for a unified system across departments that can be securely monitored and managed from anywhere.

  • Harmonized, Connected, and Easy to Use

    ComplianceQuest’s UI is proven to increase user adoption and efficiency. CQ’s modern platform also comes equipped with personalized portals for each user, an AI assistant, and guided workflows that support users across every task.

  • Smart at the Heart

    ComplianceQuest’s platform has embedded AI technologies and advanced analytics. Every user across the organization can benefit from applied AI use cases and smart recommendations that make everyday tasks much easier.

  • Unlock your Digital Transformation with our AI-powered Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety management platform

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Beyond Quality

Beyond Quality

Metrics that Matter

  • -80%

    Infra Management

    Cost of IT Infra Management

  • -45%

    CAPA raised per Year

    CAPA raised per Year

  • -48%


    Cost of Quality

  • -50%


    Change Request

  • -24%


    Cost of Labor

  • +54%


    Employee Engagement

  • -32%


    Customer Complaint

  • -70%


    Employee Training

  • -46%


    Audit Finding

  • +37%


    Customer Satisfaction


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