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Transportation & Logistics Industry

Discover how ComplianceQuest helps meet the product lifecycle, quality, and safety requirements of the transportation & logistics industry

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Transportation & Logistics Industry

Transportation & Logistics

ComplianceQuest provides an integrated tool to implement, manage and enhance your Safety, Quality, and Loss Prevention Programs by seamlessly integrating all Quality, and Safety workflow and data.

Metrics and Reporting

Add Metadata such as human factors, drug & alcohol testing, keywords, risk ratings, and FTEs, to standardize, track and report on all performance data in real time. Use configurable dashboards for transparency and/or to produce reports for clients, regulatory agencies or the board. Demonstrate improvements to reduce insurance costs and gain ROI on your Safety Program.


Reduce silos: Collected and reported from all sources to demonstrate the continuous improvement of your safety program. API to existing databases to import/export other company data.

Quality Assurance

Manage the Full Audit Lifecycle: Auditors use checklists and online or offline references to complete their work and produce the audit report with the click of a button. External and 3rd party audits can be completed in the same manner or uploaded and managed with the same workflow.

Event & Hazard Reporting

Enhanced Safety Culture and Awareness Programs Through Proactive and Reactive Reporting: Engage your workforce to collect and disseminate information on adverse events, failed controls and barriers, near misses and ideas, and seamlessly provide information on lessons learned from across your organization. Easily report events to regulatory agencies.

Corrective/Preventative Actions

Oversight: Implement new or manage weak/failed controls by assigning the right people to the right tasks in response to any record in the system. Have complete visibility of what’s due, what’s overdue and results.


Root and Causal Factors: Assign and manage Investigators, standardize their workflow, track their progress, activities and results.

Quality Control

Online/Offline Tools to Reduce or Capture Errors and Manage 3rd Party Operations: Digital and recordable workflows for permit to work, training/certification records and LOTO protocols. Checklists for inspections, pre-use of equipment, Tool Box Talks, inventory, change management, maintenance, and procedures.

Regulations Addressed

Regulations Addressed

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001/45001
  • ISO 31000
  • FTA 2019
  • ComplianceQuest is the complete integrated tool to support organizations in collecting, collating and managing all of their safety and quality information to comply with Safety Management System and Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

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