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  • Outstanding execution and solution coverage

    We implemented this software where I work and have been overall happy with the outcome. After taking a day or two workings to learn the software, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways! There’s also a huge library of training videos provided with the subscription, and an easy to use ticket portal. Moving to CQ HSE was worth the effort and will pay for itself within the year, but what really matters is that we have a fully functional HSE software that can grow and evolve with the business. The mobile features and real-time data capture provides great accessibility to the HSE program for all levels of staff.

    Andre Perrault,

    Manager, Health Safety & Environment

    Altex Energy

    New kids on the block

    We are still getting started and have only just implemented Document Management. We are very excited about the potential for managing our QMS and can’t wait to move onto the other Compliance Quest modules with the help of Amit.

    Karen Bligh,

    Australian Dental Manufacturing


    Great software with a great team to back it up with!

    We’ve been working with ComplianceQuest for about one and a half years (and going). The software itself is very well designed and will help any organization to satisfy QMS requirements. It fits hand in hand with SFDC platform and leverages all that cloud can offer. The software is very intuitive and users can be trained fairly easily. The CQ team is very knowledgeable — provided customization services tailoring to our needs.Would recommend 100%.

    Andi Xie,

    Quality Engineer

    ComplianceQuest and Salesforce – a winning combination

    ComplianceQuest pairs the user-friendly tools of SalesForce with a very capable and responsive development / support team resulting in a full QMS application that was adapted to our processes and very easy to implement. Our large, global organization is not an easy group to please. From their patient participation in our configuration workshops to their quick responses to every email and crazy request, the CQ team has proven to be a true partner in our implementation. Their website and demos show how user-friendly and well integrated the modules are. The REAL win is getting this functionality with a team who is truly invested and has gone over and above to make our implementation a success!

    Melanie Lees,

    Quality Director

    Great product, support, and people to work with!

    We have rolled-out CQ across our company to automate various elements of QMS requirements such as Document Management, Complaints, Non-conformances, Corrective Action (8D and A3), Supplier Management and Audit Management. We have been using the software for more than 2 years. We are glad to see how well the system is being used across the company. We have several thousand users on the system currently and working to scale the usage further. CQ solution has been configured to meet our needs, works elegantly across languages, across time zones, and business verticals. With integration between CQ and SAP to exchange critical data, the process automation provides a lot of productivity.

    CQ configuration team and support have worked hard to ensure that our needs continue to be met. They consistently go above and beyond. We cannot be more pleased with our use of CQ QMS capabilities and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a modern cloud based EQMS solution especially if you want a scalable EQMS solution.

    Lia Budiman,

    Solution Consultant,

    Continental Contitech

    Outstanding execution and solution coverage

    ComplianceQuest delivered on their promise at every stage of our implementation. Grounded in the scalability of the force.com platform, CQ transformed our quality management operating capabilities overnight and we are delighted at the fully integrated partnership result. We now have fully digital real-time informatics and ability to implement change in a highly transparent manner to meet the demands of our high growth business. Aphria is setting the standard as a worldwide leader in the cannabis industry through a diversified approach to innovation, corporate citizenship, strategic partnerships and global expansion.

    Tim Purdie,

    Chief Information Officer / Chief Information Security Officer

    ComplianceQuest Setting High Standards!

    Our organization approached ComplianceQuest to help implement Aphira Inc.’s first ever Electronic Quality Management System. With a very tight project timeline, ComplianceQuest was able to execute and hit all milestones on schedule that has increased our company’s Quality procedures two fold. What impressed me the most was the unparalleled customer service! The employees go above and beyond to ensure your projects success is their top priority, while also learning your company’s internal processes to provide potential solutions/enhancements. ComplianceQuest (CQ) has set the bar high and I would strongly recommend them to any organization looking for a state of the art QMS.

    Jake Nickels

    Aphria Inc (now Tilray)

    ComplianceQuest enhances your company’s Quality Management

    ComplianceQuest will provide your company with the opportunity to reach a new level of Quality Management. Everything from the well thought out and configured out of the box solution, to the system validation scripts, tractability matrix and end user guides, ComplianceQuest sets the standards high! Their customer service is superb, their employees are dedicated to the success of your project and learning about your company to ensure appropriate and effective solutions are provided. All quality leaders at Aphria Inc. have been very pleased and excited to launch all the capabilities ComplianceQuest has to offer to ensure quality remains our highest priority!

    Amy McCrindle,

    Project Manager

    Aphria Inc (now Tilray)

    Do not hesitate

    We went live with CQ almost 10 months ago. Coming from a paper based QMS, the transition to CQ went very smoothly and most surprisingly, the buy-in within the company went very fast and the continuous support is excellent.The system was scrutinized by our notified body during the re-certification audit and their feedback on the validation package was outstanding.

    Vincent De Rudder,

    Director QA and Logistics

    A wise choice to enhance and ease your Quality Management System!

    Justifying as a 100% cloud based EQMS has been in sync to customer needs, extremely flexible, sleek and clean with a simple user interface as a key element. This solution has a variety of modules syncing the communication and transparency of data between various departments among the organization.

    ComplianceQuest is a tightly integrated EQMS powered by SALESFORCE as a winning combination. Supporting wide range of compliance, high degree of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and being cost-effective to the organisation are some of the significant highlights. Keeping in consideration of all the global quality standards, CQ serves as fit for use with minimum customization to customers from various industries. Hands-on experience was intuitive leading to ease and comfort where Out of box solutions made the processes smooth.

    CQ customer support to us is another factor that sets them apart with highly knowledgeable, skilled personnel. CQ ensured us to get onto the right track every time with their effective consultative approach which is always beyond what is expected with incredible timely response.

    Sridhar A,

    IT Project Manager

    ComplianceQuest and Salesforce are perfectly adapted to the needs of our company!

    We’ve been working with Compliance Quest for over a year with great results integrating our QMS system and giving us the opportunity to globally improve in so many ways! we will integrate all our processes into this amazing tool to take our business to the next level! Excellent support at any time!

    Joanna Napoles,

    Quality System Administrator, Dialight


  • ComplianceQuest is a great solution for a Quality Management System!

    We went through a very detailed selection process when we decided to replace our other Quality Management System. Out of 17 vendors, ComplianceQuest (CQ) was the solution for us. Began planning in April of 2017, implementing in May 2017 and went live with our first module the first part of September of 2017, with Document Management. We have since been adding modules one at a time. Currently working on our Audit Module, next will be Training Module which will provide eLearning (SCORM) content to the entire enterprise. We have several more modules to go after this, but I expect it to be as smooth as the first and look forward to our continued work together. CQ has very highly skilled and knowledgeable people working on our project to make sure we have what we need and when it is needed. CQ is by far one of the best Quality Management Systems I have seen and or worked with. We liked the fact that it allowed for customization and configuration changes, but don’t over think any of that. CQ’s out of the box solution is great as it is. If your company has never had a Quality Management System, then it would be a good idea to go with their out of the box solution as it is almost perfect, if not perfect. We had a system in place when we purchased CQ so they helped us configure it so our employees understood it easily without to many changes. But most importantly they were able to take all of our data from the old system and pull it into the new system and we kept all of our historical records. They also helped us transfer all of our Historical Training records from 2 other systems. At the end of our work together they will also be pulling all of our CAPA and Non Conformance’s from yet another system, which I suspect will be an easy task for them. Honestly i couldn’t recommend a better system or a better group of people to work with. Keep up the good work CQ, we have a couple more years to go.

    Kriss Pavik,

    IT Project Manager

    CQ Works Great and is a Pleasure to Use

    We went live with CQ just a few weeks ago and it works great! We received excellent training and after some playing around and getting used to it we found that it is really easy to use. So far we have implemented Document and Training Management as well as CAPA and both have everything we need right out of the box. After years of cumbersome spreadsheets and databases CQ is a blessing. It makes document management quick and easy… and it’s a pleasure to use.

    Helen Cary,

    Document Control Specialist

    Great Support

    Our company has been using this CQ product for our QMS beginning with January 2018. I couldn’t be more pleased with the support we have received developing and rolling out the Complaint Management tool with both internal and external customers.Thanks Lee and Prashanth!

    Brian Banerdt,

    Global Director of QHSE

    An excellent solution for a paperless validated QMS

    As a Life-Sciences manufacturing services startup in Costa Rica, our company decided early on that a flexible, agile QMS was a must. We had a very clear set of requirements: cloud-based, cross-platform, mobile-enabled, paperless, e-signature capable.

    After reviewing available solutions against these, only CQ met our needs. Right after the demo, we knew we had a winner. The implementation process was relatively smooth and our solution engineer was top notch. We went live a couple of months ago and recently aced through our first customer external audit.

    If you are searching for a modern, flexible and powerful QMS solution for a forward-looking company, look no further: CQ is your answer. As a Life-Sciences manufacturing services startup in Costa Rica, our company decided early on that a flexible, agile QMS was a must. We had a very clear set of requirements: cloud-based, cross-platform, mobile-enabled, paperless, e-signature capable. After reviewing available solutions against these, only CQ met our needs. Right after the demo, we knew we had a winner. The implementation process was relatively smooth and our solution engineer was top notch. We went live a couple of months ago and recently aced through our first customer external audit. If you are searching for a modern, flexible and powerful QMS solution for a forward-looking company, look no further: CQ is your answer.

    Bernal Rodríguez,


    All the QMS processes in one software, excellent choice.

    We have implemented CQ in a new medical device start up. The set up and implementation went very smooth and the support from the provider has been outstanding. The system fully supports compliance with ISO 13485.

    Some of the reasons why I would recommend the software are: – 100% cloud-based – Allow almost paperless Quality Management System – Excellent customer support – Simple set up and implementation – User friendly – Efficiency and security – Accessible cost for small companies.

    Laura Granados,

    QMS Systems Development Consultant

    ComplianceQuest delivers!

    I’ve been using ComplianceQuest (CQ) for about 9 months and am extremely pleased with the product, the implementation team and ongoing support.

    I selected CQ for a number of reasons. Functionality and a simple user interface were key requirements. CQ has all the functionality needed in support of a global QMS. Implementation includes; Document control, change order, personnel training, NC/CAPA, equipment management, supplier management, audit management, and customer complaints all on a single platform. As a small biologics company it was critical to find a single solution to meet our GMP quality system requirements. We wanted a cloud-based system, that would be quick to implement, that could be expanded globally and in other languages, all for a reasonable price. The user interface – it is exactly what I was hoping for. I constantly hear the staff saying, “I love CQ, it’s so straightforward to use”.

    The implementation team has met all my expectations. The CQ product ‘out of the box’ meets the majority of my requirements. With some minor configurations we have developed QMS workflows that are highly efficient and robust. A risk-based validation plan also allowed us to move quickly through the foundational functions; Controlled Documents, Change Order, and Personnel. The implementation team offer many industry best practices as solutions to questions and are also highly competent in listening to your requirements and doing whatever is necessary to fulfill them. Customer Support is incredibly timely in their responsiveness; addressing most questions or concerns within 24-48 hours, meanwhile communicating along the way. We are extremely happy with our selection and highly recommend ComplianceQuest.

    Donna Matuizek,

    Sr. Director Quality

    ComplianceQuest goes above and beyond!

    We implemented ComplianceQuest (CQ) to replace our previous Complaint Management System. From the very first day, CQ went above and beyond to help provide expertise on how to automate our business processes in CQ, providing insight into how to properly migrate data to CQ, all while ensuring that our new processes were FDA compliant. They worked day and night to ensure our requirements were met.

    Beyond the incredible amount of support that CQ provided, their Complaint Management solution is extremely user friendly with a wonderful UI. Since moving to CQ we have received nothing but great feedback from our complaint handling users especially around productivity gains.

    Great people, Great product, and Great Service. I highly recommend ComplianceQuest to all.

    Jamal Austin,

    Project Manager / Business Analyst,


    Great Software- Very Responsive Implementation and Support

    I have been working with Compliance Quest for almost a year now and am very pleased. We utilized CQ to help us achieve our first ISO certification and the assessor made multiple comments on how well the system was developed.

    Compliance Quest patiently worked through implementation with us as we constructed our QMS. They were able to offer insight due to an in-depth understanding of quality control. CQ offers all the functionality we need to easily manage and scale our QMS, I highly recommend it.

    Zach Parker

    Director of IT and Service Delivery

    Numed Inc

    An AWESOME Product delivering an AWESOME System (QMS 'n' MORE) for life!

    We selected ComplianceQuest (CQ) as it is a GREAT VALUE system covering all the aspects / needs of an entire Quality Management Systems (QMS) and more.

    We started to work with Prashanth for the initial QMS selection (we had multiple suppliers competing) and he had to do Demo after Demo and he gave more than 100% to justify the value of this system. The support was INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVABLE.

    Once we bought the system, we started working with Lee for launching different modules within CQ and it was a WOW experience with him. A great person with a great mindset and tremendous amount of knowledge of the entire system. Day and night support, regardless of the time or what we required, he supported GREATLY and THOROUGHLY to assure 100% SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH. Our users are EXTREMELY SATISFIED and love the way CQ works – 100% PAPERLESS, WIRELESS, AVAILABLE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE (PC, LAPTOP, TABLETS, MOBILE, ETC.). All our data is now 100% CENTRALIZED and available with 1-CLICK of a button. CQ is completely SCALE-ABLE every way and can be integrated with MULTIPLE other SYSTEMS within our company. We can write MORE ‘N’ MORE great things about CQ and go on and on. If you need an entire QMS in a CENTRALIZED CLOUD-BASED, 100% SALESFORCE SUPPORTED PLATFORM, then go for ComplianceQuest (CQ), you can be rest assured that YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION FOR LIFE!!

    Ron Shah,

    Dir. Quality Assurance

    ComplianceQuest is above the rest!

    As a long time life sciences Quality Systems professional and leader, I have been exposed to many different Quality System tools and implementations. Some of these implementations have been nightmares with timelines that drag on and resource drains that can never be regained. ComplianceQuest, however, stands tall in my experience as a true cloud based, SalesForce eQMS application that is quite ready to go, out of the box. With minor configuration and data migration, it is ready to fit any business model. Powerful analytics and real time collaboration is at your fingertips within weeks, not months or years! I have witnessed these transformations first hand and hands down, ComplianceQuest is above the rest!

    Tim Bright,

    Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance at IsoAid

    A great QMS package

    CQ has proven to be intuitive, easy to use and customization is as easy as speaking to the CQ team. The validation scripts are straightforward and easy to edit to meet our organizations particular needs. The system feels familiar while delivering the QMS system tools that we need and the CQ team is responsive to any questions that arise.

    Dorothy Wilson,

    Quality Assurance & Document and Records Specialist

    Powerful, complete eQMS

    We conducted a thorough, comparative review of systems within our budget and CQ was a clear winner. The system is powerful and versatile, even with an out of box implementation. The functionality is complete, covering every significant aspect of a quality system. Validation is straightforward with the use of OQ scripts from CQ, which can be modified to fit your implementation. It ensures that processes implemented through the system and records generated by the system are compliant for medical device companies. But, the biggest benefit we’ve received is through the collaborative partnership with CQ personnel. They listen and understand our needs. They are creative in helping us make implementation as easy as possible. Having been in large companies and small, I can see this system fitting in either environment and budget.

    Jackie Jaskula,

    Director of QA and Regulatory

  • A company that truly cares

    We have been working closely with ComplianceQuest for over a year now, and what impresses me the most, is their professionalism and patience and how much they really care that we are successful. I would have given 10 stars but there were only five.

    We have developed some out of the box functionality with our incoming inspection process, and the ComplianceQuest team listened very carefully to our requirements, and provided insightful recommendations. We were easily able to customize the look and feel of the interface which made it user friendly for our inspectors.

    The support team always make themselves available and I certainly appreciated all the quick 10 minute online meetings ‘just to make sure’ everything was okay. Thank you to ComplianceQuest for making this a fun project and I look forward to working closely with Gova and Nikki and their team as we introduce non-conformance, SCAR, Production Part Approval Process, Deviations, Audit, and Supplier Portal into our system.

    Alastair Henderson,

    Project Manager

    Software Design to Deployment without a single piece of code!!!

    Our experience with implementing ComplianceQuest @ Flipkart has been nothing short of a wonder.As the company project lead, I have had the privilege and hands on experience in Designing the System Architecture, Configure and Deploy it across the organization and the entire experience has been nothing short of GREAT… While wearing the hat of System Admin, the most significant feature that I have experienced is the platform’s capability to design, configure/customize and deploy any workflow / module from the front end itself i.e. NO CODING REQUIRED at all. The tool is so simple to use that we hardly reached out to CQ Support for any subsequent customizations and all Enhancements / Add-On’s were implemented In-House and enabled us to de-skill the System Admin role and assign it to people with good command on spreadsheet applications like MS Excel. A true asset for the organization! 3 Cheers for team ComplianceQuest.

    Satish Venkataraman,

    Sr. Manager – Quality (SCM)

    Great system and great team at CQ

    The system offered by ComplianceQuest is very intuitive and user friendly. Through being integrated on salesforce, we have had increased usability in the business due to the centralised location for business activities and mobile-device accessibility. The team at CQ have also been a pleasure to work with, and will always do their best to try accommodate customer requirements to ensure the system is of greatest benefit to the end customer.

    I would definitely recommend this system and CQ as a company to work with.

    Annabelle O’Regan,

    Quality Assurance

    Cloud-Based Platform with Increased Agility, Efficiency, and Speed

    Before CQ, YKK had been using outdated software from the 1990s. I knew YKK needed something more modern and flexible. We looked at our current vendor’s cloud-based option, but it wasn’t a viable choice because it mirrored the premise-based solution and lacked the features we needed. We were sure about what we wanted:

    • We needed an enterprise quality management system (EQMS) that was not only cloud-based, but also included built-in features, functionality, and workflows to make current processes easier
    • To comply with the company’s goals and core values
    • We wanted to generate and share reports quickly and easily

    All of this and more was achieved when we picked ComplianceQuest as our EQMS. I’ve rarely seen anyone hit a target like that as quickly as we did, especially with the number of documents to migrate (3,000) and customization’s to Corrective Action and Preventive Action application. Greatest value:

    • Radically improved reporting capabilities
    • Cloud-based platform with increased agility, efficiency, and speed

    Everything is automated and fast; we can generate reports for information, strategic, and planning purposes, which makes a huge impact on our productivity and efficiency.

    The support and communication at ComplianceQuest have been top-notch, even on days when there was a lot of pressure.

    Kippy Hillhouse,

    Quality Engineer

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