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Salesforce Supply Chain

Streamline supply chains with cutting-edge analytics, real-time data, and AI-driven automation for unparalleled efficiency and collaboration

salesforce for supply chain
salesforce for supply chain
salesforce crm platform
salesforce crm platform

While Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world, it is not a supply chain quality management solution for manufacturing companies. Salesforce CRM provides many critical functions for sales and service, but it does not provide the supplier management capabilities of a true EQMS.

In the past, many organizations were forced to develop complex system interfaces to connect Salesforce CRM with legacy QMS to synchronize data and pass transactions. With the advent of companies like ComplianceQuest which developed a Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety Management system natively on the Salesforce Cloud, companies can now run and fully connect both their CRM and EQMS on Salesforce.

ComplianceQuest and Salesforce CRM share the same data model, user interface, system administration, security profiles, reporting tools, collaboration tools (Chatter), workflow engine, AI and more.

ComplianceQuest on Salesforce helps supply chain and quality managers stay on top of their supplier relations with automated and intelligent supply chain quality management tools.

Supplier On-Boarding and Rating in Salesforce Supply Chain Management

supplier on-boarding and rating

Salesforce supply chain management with ComplianceQuest helps you streamline your supplier on-boarding process and manage suppliers through ratings and scorecards:

Make on-boarding suppliers an automated and quick process with highly configurable workflows.

Measure the performance of your suppliers and compare them using risk levels, product families, region and more.

Assign unique scores for each supplier that drives workflows, actions and behaviors towards continuous improvement.

Ensure the current status of your suppliers with an easily updatable Approved Supplier List (ASL).

supplier on-boarding and rating

Supplier Audits and Inspections Management

supplier audits
supplier audits

ComplianceQuest on Salesforce gives you all tools you need to efficiently manage supplier audits and inspections:

Conduct all types of audits using built-in best practices for your global suppliers and maintain all your supplier history in one place.

Offer suppliers a simple way to submit their inspection data prior to shipment and reduce receiving non-conforming materials and parts.

Take the necessary corrective and preventive actions with SCAR capabilities that include suppliers in your quality and safety efforts.

Collaborate with Your Suppliers in Real Time with Salesforce Supply Chain

collaborate with your suppliers

Salesforce and ComplianceQuest help you better manage relationships with your suppliers and establish 2-way communication with your suppliers through Supplier Central:

Manage your suppliers 24/7 in real time in a transparent, integrated, and mobile experience.

Improve collaboration between your employees and your suppliers with intelligent, and personalized portal for each supplier made possible by built-in Salesforce communities.

Simplify critical collaboration with your suppliers for items including document exchange and deviation requests.

collaborate with your suppliers
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