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Gain Complete Control Over Your Supplier Management

Supplier Management Solutions

Increase supplier performance, reduce costs, and streamline your supply chain with integrated supplier quality and collaboration tools

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Supplier Management Solutions

Tackling the Global Supply Chain Challenge

-48% Cost of Quality -80% Cost of IT Infra Management

Whether you are a manufacturing, consumer goods, energy or highly regulated life sciences operations, managing suppliers can be a constant challenge.

There’s often no visibility into the supply chain processes or vendor performance. To make matters worse, communication and collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders are extremely difficult with siloed data and disparate systems. Plus, maintaining costs, meeting deadlines, and achieving quality, safety, and regulatory standards can prove virtually impossible.

Your performance is only as good as your suppliers. Businesses that want to thrive in today’s market need a secure, cloud-based solution that fosters best practices in supplier relationships, ensuring quality, compliance, and readiness.

Streamline Supplier Processes with a Modern Supplier Management Solution

Modern Supplier Management Solutions

Stop struggling to control disparate manufacturing processes, inflexible QMS, and incompatible vendor management systems across multiple lines of business. With CQ Supplier Management, you can bring new efficiencies and real-time visibility to your operations, and easily support hundreds to thousands of your suppliers and services partners.

ComplianceQuest is a cloud-based platform that enables your team to stay on top of all elements of your supplier management processes. With CQ’s advanced collaboration tools, your entire team can benefit from transforming how you work with your suppliers. Additionally, it is tightly coupled with auditrisk, changedocument management and other QMS capabilities, making it straightforward to address issues, take corrective actions and stay ahead with real-time performance monitoring driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

A fully Connected Suite of Supplier Solutions

  • Audit
  • Document Management
  • Non-Conformance
  • Product/Material Inspections
  • SCAR
  • Supplier Management
  • Supplier Central

By digitally transforming how you engage with your suppliers at every step, you ensure that every interaction is performed as it should, nothing gets missed or dropped, and continuity of supply is maintained.

Fully Connected Supplier Management

Get the tools that make planning and collaborating on supplier audits easy. With CQ’s configurable workflows, you can build and automate a scalable audit management process based on your specific needs in no time.

  • Audit planning, scheduling and report generation.
  • Finding response and response policy setting.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.
  • AI-powered finding categorization and trending.
Document Management

Automate your document management activities and rely on a single source of truth. Simplify supplier document collaboration to improve coordination while ensuring compliance.

  • Integrated change and approval management.
  • Microsoft Office or Google Docs integration for document collaboration.
  • Built-in document comparison and revision.

Prevent failures and recalls with an automated process to capture, triage, investigate and close all NCs and deviations quickly and effectively.

  • 5 Why interactive dashboard for advanced investigation.
  • AI-powered use cases for automatic NC categorization and reoccurrence detection.
  • Failure mode identification and handling policy.
Product & Material Inspectio
Product & Material Inspection

Avoid product recalls and ensure your supplier shipments are up to your organization’s quality and safety standards. Ensure the highest quality standards are met through receiving, manufacturing and finished goods inspection.

  • Simple ERP integration.
  • Inspection criteria setting and monitoring.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics.

Drive continuous improvement with a collaborative SCAR solution. Automate your SCAR process to ensure that your suppliers are maintaining the quality and regulatory standards that your business requires.

  • Advanced investigation collaboration tools.
  • Verification plans, effectiveness review and closure.
  • ERP/CRM integration.
Supplier Management
Supplier Management

Take control of your supplier quality across locations. Assess, qualify, onboard, interact, measure, and monitor the performance of your suppliers in one central location.

  • Rating, scorecards, and approved supplier list.
  • Supplier assessment and onboarding.
  • Advanced supplier analytics and dashboards.
Supplier Central
Supplier Central

Collaborate with your suppliers in real time. Establish 2-way communication to resolve issues, manage approvals, run polls, and exchange documents all through a personalized supplier portal.

  • Personalized portal for each supplier.
  • Action assignment and tracking.
  • Document exchange and collaboration.
Design Controls and Supplier Management webinar


Moving Beyond ASL with Design Controls and Supplier Management

Design Controls and Supplier Management webinar
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Why ComplianceQuest

  • The Strongest Data Security Measures

    ComplianceQuest is proudly built on the Salesforce cloud, one of the most secure and trusted clouds in the market.

  • Proactive Continuous Improvement

    ComplianceQuest provides complete closed-loop processes to deliver integrated quality management. What’s more, trend recognition and predictive analytics help you spot alarming trends early on and take proactive measures.

  • Fully Digital and Reliable

    ComplianceQuest’s cloud-based platform supports fully digital business with modules that are based on domain expertise and best-practices. It allows for a unified system across departments that can be securely monitored and managed from anywhere.

  • Harmonized, Connected and Easy to Use

    ComplianceQuest’s UI is proven to increase user adoption and efficiency. CQ’s modern platform comes equipped with personalized portals for each user, an AI assistant and guided workflows that support users across every task.

  • Smart at the Heart

    ComplianceQuest’s platform has embedded AI technologies and advanced analytics. Every user across the organization can benefit from applied AI use cases and smart recommendations that make everyday tasks much easier.

  • Unlock your Digital Transformation with our AI-powered Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety management platform

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beyond supplier

Beyond Supplier

  • Safety Management
  • Complaints Management
  • Doc & Training

Metrics that Matter

  • -80%

    Infra Management

    Cost of IT Infra Management

  • -45%

    CAPA raised per Year

    CAPA raised per Year

  • -48%


    Cost of Quality

  • -50%


    Change Request

  • -24%


    Cost of Labor

  • +54%


    Employee Engagement

  • -32%


    Customer Complaint

  • -70%


    Employee Training

  • -46%


    Audit Finding

  • +37%


    Customer Satisfaction

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