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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

Discover how ComplianceQuest helps meet the QHSE requirements of the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry


QHSE Solution for CPG Industry
CPG Industry - QHSE solution by Compliancequest

Ensuring Consumer Satisfaction Consistently Despite Continually Evolving Business Parameters

Changing consumer demands, shrinking operating margins, global supplier network, and the necessity to meet international compliance and regulations are forcing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to improve efficiency, reduce costs while mitigating operational risk and managing Nonconformances. To overcome these challenges, companies must adapt their value chains to be responsive to the shifting needs of consumers and the global market, as well as meet international compliance and regulations, such as ISO 9000.

Growing mergers and acquisitions, improved technologies, increased consumer sophistication and the growth of bilateral trading partners have created new opportunities, as well as posed complex issues for CPG companies on multiple levels. Therefore, to succeed in today’s environment means enabling a transparent and streamlined approach to quality management at every stage including enterprise, international, business, suppliers, and unit level.

ComplianceQuest’s EQMS for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry

Even as Consumer Packaged Goods companies need to serve diverse consumer needs, they also have to comply with varied regulations around the world while running operations safely and efficiently. ComplianceQuest’s Quality, Health and Safety Management system (QHSE) for CPG companies strategically provides visibility into the value chain across the organization, regions, business units, and groups in a closed-loop manner.

The solution facilitates enterprise-wide transparency and collaboration in managing quality initiatives and compliance processes, enhances information management and data visibility – all while raising the quality of the supply chain and providing insights to continuously monitor and proactively improve quality management. The ComplianceQuest differentiation is the integration of these processes, which delivers incremental value, increases operational excellence while driving continuous improvement and growth.

Compliant, Cloud-Based Solution for Complete Transparency in the Value Chain

Designed to address the specific needs of CPG companies, our cloud-based the QHSE system, which is built on the Salesforce.com platform, provides unprecedented visibility into every aspect of your value chain. This insight is a strategic enterprise advantage, one that affords a proactive approach to counter any quality or compliance risk. Our end-to-end integrated set of capabilities are designed exclusively for the needs of CPG organizations. Integrating and streamlining all aspects of value chain, ComplianceQuest’s QHSE Suite empowers organizations to turn their operations into worthy partner alliances and ensure more beneficial, efficient, timely, and measurable business outcomes.

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