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Inspection Management Software

Avoid product recalls, reduce cost of quality and ensure customer satisfaction with a product inspection management system that simplifies receiving, manufacturing and finished goods inspection

Enable your workforce to run a robust product inspection process that ensures all product specs and quality metrics are met before the goods are released into inventory

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With ComplianceQuest’s Inspection Management Solution

all inspection data is easily documented. It is designed to ensure that incoming goods are adequately assessed and that your final product meets specifications, is compliant and defect-free before it is released to inventory.

It is also fully integrated with CQ’s Equipment, Non-Conformance and CAPA solutions, so you can take action in case any issues are identified during an inspection and continue to meet quality standards. ComplianceQuest’s Inspection Management Solution automates your inspection process by streamlining processes such as receiving raw materials, in-process goods, shipments and product returns.

    • Quick and efficient inspections are crucial to ensure your product is defect-free and meets the specifications before it reaches customers. By identifying possible defects before a product is released into the inventory, you can greatly reduce the cost of quality and rework. The CQ Inspection Management Software enables your team to thoroughly check the quality of finished products and the components throughout the supply chain value cycle – from incoming raw material to in-process and final stages of a manufacturing process.

    • Any product defects that reaches customers can lead to product recalls, loss in revenue and more importantly a loss of trust in your brand. With CQ’s Inspection Management Software, you can customize the inspection workflow to fit your processes and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You can quickly identify non-conformance, initiate CAPA or root cause analysis as needed. You’ll have a data-driven and collaborative approach that makes it easy to pull in needed stakeholders and deal with crucial findings from inspections on the spot.

    • From initiating the inspection to determining the sample size, the specifications and needed parameters – inspection is a multistep process. Luckily, workflow automation with the ComplianceQuest Inspection Management Software easily enables the following:

      • Setting Inspection protocol/criteria
      • CTQ (Critical To Quality) checklist
      • Inspection queue management
      • Facilitated collaboration
      • Change of ownership
      • Inspection documents or picture attachment
      • Certificate of analysis(CoA) upload

      Any failed inspections will automatically generate the creation of the required nonconformance, will alert the relevant MRB personnel and will await disposition as necessary. With integration to an ERP/MES system, any failed inspection can also alert the relevant team to mark and quarantine the failed material.

    • Product recalls due to noncompliance and defects lead to reputation damage and market loss to penalties, compensation and even litigation. Recalls are also expensive. The product may need reworking anywhere in the development lifecycle, adding to the cost of quality. Timely and proper risk-based inspections can prevent costly mistakes. CQ’s Inspection management Solution makes it easy to conduct inspections at any time, ensuring that any nonconformance and noncompliance are identified and rectified early to mitigate risks and reduce the cost of quality.

    • The quality of raw materials is directly reflected in the quality of your product, making inspection of the inputs critical. CQ Inspection Management Software enables you to establish the supplier sampling plan and parameters for testing the materials and run periodic inspections depending on the risk-level of the supplier. It facilitates standardization, uniformity, and quality control based on standards and specs and automates rejection of materials that do not match the criteria. This way you will be able to initiate corrective measures, preventive measures, root cause analysis, and supplier training or replacement as needed.

    • One of the key benefits of using ComplianceQuest Inspection Management Software is the access to insights based on inspection data and operational improvement opportunities. This can enable identifying commonly recurring problems through root cause analysis and implementing preventive measures. Continuous improvement (CI) is key to the pursuit of operational excellence, and inspection data can be very handy while trying to improve overall operations effectiveness (OOE).

     Inspection Management System

Support your Entire Organization

  • Management

    Provide dashboards to access enterprise-wide inspection data to enable informed decision making for continuous improvement.

  • Quality Inspector

    Set up an Inspection Queue to schedule inspection, establish Inspection Protocol/Criteria and CTQ to measure parameters and determine sample size.

  • Quality Engineers

    Use inspection data to record and document findings from an inspection, identify trends and drive continuous improvement.

  • Quality Leader

    Improve overall product quality, reduce cost of quality, minimize product recalls and improve overall customer satisfaction.

  • Plant Head

    The plant head is able to have a finger on the pulse of all inspection-related processes and enable collaboration as needed.

  • Supply Chain Leaders

    Risk-based inspection of raw materials to mitigate supplier risks and improve quality metrics of in-coming goods.

What they Say About Us

  • We have developed some out of the box functionality with our incoming inspection process, and the ComplianceQuest team listened very carefully to our requirements, and provided insightful recommendations. We were easily able to customize the look and feel of the interface which made it user friendly for our inspectors.

    Project Manager

    At a fast-growing manufacturing company

  • We have been working closely with ComplianceQuest for over a year now, and what impresses me the most, is their professionalism and patience and how much they really care that we are successful. I would have given 10 stars but there were only five.
    We have developed some out of the box functionality with our incoming inspection process, and the ComplianceQuest team listened very carefully to our requirements, and provided insightful recommendations. We were easily able to customize the look and feel of the interface which made it user friendly for our inspectors.
    The support team always make themselves available and I certainly appreciated all the quick 10 minute online meetings ‘just to make sure’ everything was okay. Thank you to ComplianceQuest for making this a fun project and I look forward to working closely with Gova and Nikki and their team as we introduce non-conformance, SCAR, Production Part Approval Process, Deviations, Audit, and Supplier Portal into our system.

    Alastair Henderson, Project Manager

    S&C Electric Company

Key Features of CQ Inspection Management Solutions

Inspection Management features
Integration To Nonconformance Collaboration Mobile Access Inspection Criteria Integration To ERP Conducting Inspections
  • Integration To Nonconformance

    Failed inspections automatically generate the creation of the required nonconformance and alert relevant teams for further action.

  • Collaboration

    Reach out to others across the enterprise and in the supply chain to solicit feedback without having to give up on the ownership of the tasks.

  • Mobile Access

    Access your EQMS and EHS solution on the go, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Inspection Criteria

    Define inspection characteristics that should be measured for a raw material that is being received or a product that is being made internally or shipped.

  • Integration To ERP

    Integration with ERP, MES or any inventory control system, enables generating an inspection requirement alert with relevant inspection record.

  • Conducting Inspections

    Built-in inspection queues allow inspectors to select, and perform inspection based on the inspection criteria presented.


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