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Permit to Work

 Permit to Work

Combine permit and risk assessment into one system, with a configurable workflow that aligns with internal business policies using the ComplianceQuest Permit to Work Management Solution

Support the needs for employers, employee, and contractors to be protected while working on high-risk tasks for a specific period with the specific safety needs, necessary processes, and required documentation to safely perform the activity

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 Permit to Work

CQ Permit to Work

Support the end-to-end permit to work process including documentation outlining the precautions, tasks, worker certification checklists, work scheduling and skills that may be needed for the employee/contractor to perform the activity safely.

Being built on, our solution is flexible, scalable, and customizable to suit your organization’s needs. Our search feature is “global by design,” making it easy for health and safety leaders to find anything related to specific injuries, incidents, or illnesses from the past and using this to plan work permits, safety management and risk mitigation strategies based on data.

    • Permits are often necessary in the pharmaceutical sector due to working with corrosive materials, toxic chemicals, and some synthetic drugs. General permits for bio-containment usage and material transfers protecting respiratory and digestive tracts and skin and eyes due to toxicity exposure are applicable to organic solvents and other chemicals in life sciences. Hot work such as welding and brazing of materials in the medical device industry can require hot work permits along with energized areas that can require special permits.

    • Each location and type of work might require a different approval process based on specific organizational needs. Take advantage of a completely configurable workflow based on location and type of permit. Utilize the increased visibility to permit approval, review, and management process for improved auditing, tracking of permits and risk exposure across multiple departments and sites.

      Incorporate Multiple Permit Status Options: Streamline your process from initiation through to permit closure by having the system automatically deactivate permits based on work completion while manually supporting extensions and exceptions.

    • Utilize an easy to navigate, visual and intuitive experience of work locations and instructions on where and how to perform each step of your PTW process to get to the end objective. Reduce errors and injuries. Achieve your PTW goals quicker by having workers feel safe and assured that the permits are on mobile devices and completely filled-out by their employer. Visually associate hazardous location/zone to permits with complete details and relevant checklists. Optionally, use mobile devices to visualize the work effort and streamline the approval process.

    • Reducing incidents and improving the overall safety culture is important for all. Using the Permit to Work Solution drives greater productivity of employees and equipment utilization while reducing costs due to accidents. The closed loop improvement process improves safety and ensures compliance by reducing the number of permit-related incidents. So, accelerate your safety efficiency goals and targets and reduce costs by eliminating redundant, repetitive manual paper-based work.

    • Use ComplianceQuest Permit to Work Solution to identify risks and evaluate the entire situation from the start, identifying and isolating risks and including necessary safety information. Ensure worker safety using the PTW solution with a checklist on instructions, certifications, locations, and protective wear. Assist managers in planning and coordinating multiple aspects of a given project to avoid confusion and conflict between different crews and avoid overlaps. Streamline the inspection and isolation process using checklists to make sure the job is correctly done.

    • Whether in life sciences, construction, or general manufacturing, permits are required for improved safety of employees and contractors performing chemical exposures, hot works, excavations, confined space work and so on. Prevent incidents through effective management of hazards to include safe systems of work and robust permit to work processes. Ensure that tasks are carried out in accordance with the instructions, conditions, and certifications needed as specified in the permit.

    • With ComplianceQuest’s Permit to Work Solution you have a single data source for all work permit data in a central, easily accessible location and available for everyone across your entire QHSE functions for quality in employee safety, products, assets, and processes. Increase productivity by reducing time spent on manual, disparate, or outdated systems. Create all types of work permits with pre-designed templates or generate your own configurable templates.

    Permit to Work

Support your Entire Organization

  • Health and Safety Teams

    CQ EHS Permit to Work ensures everyone on-site is safe and knows what they should be doing and where they will be doing it.

  • Facilitates Executives

    Support the safe execution of hazardous work activities at operational facilities. Thus, reducing risk and the chances of accidents, keeping frontline workers both safe and efficient.

  • Employees

    Feel confident in a safety culture that maintains safe execution of hazardous work activities accounting for expired staff training, risk and method statements, and overdue permits.

What they Say About Us

  • ComplianceQuest Permit-to-Work provides an invaluable audit trail, allowing supervisors and inspectors to verify that each job was done by the right people, at the right time, with the right equipment, and in the right way.

    VP Quality

    Global Company

  • We are still getting started and have only just implemented Document Management. We are very excited about the potential for managing our QMS and can’t wait to move onto the other Compliance Quest modules with the help of Amit.

    Karen Bligh, Australian Dental Manufacturing


Key Features of CQ Permit to Work Solution

Permit to Work features
Visualized Locations Facilitate Rapid Training Leverage Checklist Libraries Any Device, Any Time Support Flexible Permit to Work Type Support Configurable Permit to Work Workflows Support Continuous Improvement with Decision Support Visually Represent all Risk Locations Across the Enterprise Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface Identify Risk Level and the Hazards and Controls Requiring Permits
  • Visualized Locations

    Improved adoption with complete visualization of configurable location and zone mapping of hazardous areas.

  • Facilitate Rapid Training

    Integrate work effort with visual location and zone management in the permit.

  • Leverage Checklist Libraries

    Incorporate contractor/employee certifications, protective checklists, and work requirements to permit.

  • Any Device, Any Time Support

    Get permit information and perform updates using any device including mobile. Available on cloud, thus accessible anywhere. Additional QR code feature to ensure seamless efficiency.

  • Flexible Permit to Work Type Support

    Leverages flexible site-specific permit type creation and tracking needs.

  • Configurable Permit to Work Workflows

    Bring consistency to permit practices across the entire organization and multiple sites.

  • Support Continuous Improvement with Decision Support

    Take advantage of configurable BI & analytics that measure KPI’s and improvements specific to your needs.

  • Visually Represent all Risk Locations Across the Enterprise

    Obtain full site visibility of activities and safety hazards on a common map for the enterprise, sites, locations, and zones.

  • Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface

    Enhance adoption through use of interfaces specifically designed for the user device for images of location and zone map, equipment, work instructions, diagrams, and charts.

  • Identify Risk Level and the Hazards and Controls Requiring Permits

    Gain full transparency into hazards and controls, including visibility into at-risk areas which highlight other issues in an adjacent location.


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