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AI-powered Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety Solution Built-on Salesforce

Advancing Products Faster with Connected Digital Thread on Salesforce

learn all about salesforce and cq quality safety

If you use Salesforce or are considering Salesforce, you might be wondering how to integrate Salesforce CRM, Service and Health Cloud with product lifecycle, quality and safety. The pages listed below will help you understand the capabilities of the Salesforce Platform and how Salesforce products can work seamlessly with product lifecycle, quality and safety.

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why the salesforce platform great

Learn why running product lifecycle, quality and safety on the Salesforce Platform helps you form a solid foundation for your digital business strategy. Find out how to put your customers at the heart of your business, shift the focus of IT onto strategic projects, and reduce costs while gaining a 360° view of your customers, patients, products, suppliers, employees and your business.

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salesforce for manufacturing

Discover how Salesforce CRM and Services combined with product lifecycle, quality and safety helps your manufacturing business become more efficient and productive. Discover how you can connect your entire business to a single, integrated system, and how Salesforce leverages product lifecycle, quality and safety tools to give your workers anywhere anytime access to the data and functions they need to do their jobs.

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salesforce health cloud

Learn why Salesforce Health Cloud combined with ComplianceQuest’s Quality and Complaint’s solution can transform customer care into patient excellence. Discover how you can provide personalized, actionable and preventative solutions for faster response and resolution time to meet patient expectations and increase satisfaction.

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salesforce for supplychain

Learn how your suppliers can stay in sync with design and production Salesforce CRM combined with product lifecycle, quality and safety. Easily onboard and stay on top of all your supplier management processes, identify issues as they arise, manage approvals and changes in real-time, monitor performance and improve supplier relationships.

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salesforce service

Learn about the Salesforce Service Cloud and how to improve customer excellence by combining customer care and field service with product lifecycle, quality and safety. Discover how to increase complaint intake efficiency, reduce time to resolution, increase safety of service technicians and improve overall CSAT score in customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to departmental siloes and provide your team with 360-degree visibility with a unified data system.

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