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Market Surveillance

A Customer Complaints platform that unites customer feedback, complaints, regulatory reporting and continuous improvement processes to improve customer satisfaction and experience.


Market Surveillance

Why CQ Market Surveillance

Customer Complaints are a regular occurrence for businesses and organizations. Failure to capture and manage customer feedback and complaints appropriately — or receiving too many of the same complaints — can lead to audits, fines, and reputational risk. Since complaints can be received through multiple sources (call centers, service staff, or regulators) and via different channels, it is imperative to maintain consistent records across the organization. Lack of organization wide processes and a unified tool will disconnect the company from its customers and eventually lead to competitive gaps.


In today’s business environment, the complaint management process faces numerous challenges. In the fast-paced environment, customer feedback can come from many sources including social, call center, field sales, services, web, warranty, to name a few. Capturing these complaints from these sources and ensuring that they are properly dealt with in a timely fashion makes a big difference in customer perception of the organization’s overall service levels. Furthermore, systems supporting the complaints process are often outdated, inflexible, and lack integration. As a result, agents (including complaint and call center personnel, quality, regulatory agents) handling customer complaints must navigate multiple systems while trying to reach the best solution in a timely manner. In addition to this inefficiency, poorly integrated systems create information barriers, essentially blocking the flow of crucial customer and complaint information between those handling the complaints and operations and management team. Customer issues, product flaws, and bad information can go undetected for unacceptably long periods of time. Without the consistent flow of information, companies find it difficult to respond proactively to customer complaint trends.

Financial Impact

  • Fines, shutdowns, market withdrawals, lawsuits
  • Warranty costs
  • Service and Quality employees time and cost
  • Loss of revenue
  • Cost of maintaining outdated or unsupported systems

Brand Impact

  • Loss of customers / customer turnover
  • Decrease in brand loyalty and credibility
  • Stakeholder dissatisfaction
  • Company and product reputation

Quality Impact

  • Fragmented and insufficient information
  • Inability to trend complaint data and perform real-time meaningful analytics
  • Underestimating issues as systemic problems
  • Inability to make smart data-driven decisions
  • Inconsistent handling leading to confusion and ineffective communication
  • Lack of capability to escalate to CAPA or Adverse Event

Time Impact

  • Inability to respond quickly
  • Missing regulatory timelines
  • Long lag times for interdepartmental information handover
  • Slow to gain visibility into complaint resolution
  • Excessive time to keeping systems up to date
Achieve Customer Excellence

Listening to Achieve Customer Excellence

Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is one of the most important things organizations can do to meet the current and future needs of their customers.

There are many methodologies available to build customer insight and understanding of market sentiment, but what many companies today fail to recognize is that customers are already giving them vital, free information on how they feel about them,their products and their services – complaints.

Complaints are valuable feedback, and they can provide both direct and indirect insights into what is doing well and what needs work. Customer complaints represent a more reliable, more accurate, and faster way to get quality data. They can help improve underlying compliance controls and customer service and identify broader product and service issues before they become systemic problems or a growing potential for regulatory fines or damage to a company’s reputation.

Complaints also enable an organization to understand issues from the customers’ perspective, directly monitor product and service performance, proactively identify trends, drive improvements to the business and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies need to apply transformative solutions and work diligently towards listening to their customers to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Customer complaints can be valuable learning opportunities, making them good for business.

Who We Help

CQ Market Surveillance helps your organization centralize its complaint intake processes, efficiently manage site level investigations and electronically process regulatory reports and corrective and preventive actions while accelerating continuous innovation throughout the product lifecycle.

Who We Help
7 Stage Process

Manage the Complete Complaint Lifecycle

Complaint Handling gives companies comprehensive control over how customer complaints are collected, handled, recorded, reported and tracked in compliance with industry guidelines and regulations. With complete and accurate information on complaints, companies can use that information to track all parties involved and transfer this information from one process to the next.

CQ Market Surveillance simplifies and standardizes post-market surveillance improving product safety, reliability, and quality. Seamless connection with quality and regulatory processes enables proactive complaints handling, accelerating continuous innovation throughout the product lifecycle. The Solution’s flexible intake options provide the fastest path from incident awareness to action. High-severity issues and adverse events are instantly escalated to the right personnel for investigation with the ability to easily launch corrective action, determine risk levels, and build a more transparent view of your post-market.

Proper complaint management is essential for identifying product or service shortfalls and resolving them efficiently. By understanding the product or service issues frustrating your customers, you gain insight on how to prevent future problems as well as the fuel to ignite further innovation.

Most customer complaint handling is reactive, responding to customers after they have encountered an issue. Learn how to go above and beyond with a proactive market surveillance solution.

CQ Market Surveillance Benefits

Improve Quality and
Patient Safety

  • Continuous increase in complaint resolution efficiency resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cost of recording, investigating, and managing complaints efforts
  • Proactively identify and resolve product quality issues quickly
  • Improve interdepartmental information flows
  • Achieve more consistent outcomes


Improve complaint and quality processes with increased productivity, assigning to the right team for processing, leveraging predictive methods and ensuring more consistent outcomes.

Increase Visibility and Gain Insight throughout the Lifecyle

  • Easily monitor and explore complaint data, including due dates, critical tasks, recurring failure modes
  • Gain greater visibility of supplier problems
  • Improve visibility to complaint product, service, site trends or patterns leveraged across the organization


Make effective decisions based on real-time insight of complaint information throughout the lifecycle and monitor the timeliness of tasks through to completion.

Drive Loyalty and Mitigate Risk

  • Strengthen customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate brand and market damage
  • Improve opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Achieve competitive advantage through customer excellence


Improve complaints management to ensure all complaints are captured and handled effectively and efficiently while truly placing the customer at the heart of your business.

Increase Supplier

  • Effectively escalate to CAPA
  • Simplify global adverse event reporting for accuracy
  • Efficiently manage event-specific reporting timelines
  • Easily access all complaint data


Reduce compliance risk by accelerating consistent triage, handoffs, and approvals; and quickly make complaints data easily searchable and accessible from one place; and quickly search and retrieve complaint data for audit and inspection readiness.

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