7 Reasons to Implement Incident Management Software in Your Enterprise
Blog | July 7th, 2022

7 Reasons to Implement Incident Management Software in Your Enterprise

Sometime in 2019, before the pandemic, McKinsey published an article titled "Overcoming Limiting Mindsets to Improve Safety." The article revolved around what it takes culturally to minimize and ideally eliminate unsafe behavior at the workplace. One of the first points made in the article was to allow workers (and, in fact, anyone at the company) to report incidents, observations, and near-misses without fear of blame.

This really is the first step towards proactive safety management. Without knowing all possible risks, it is impossible for the safety team to track each and every process across the company.

Technically, a safety incident is an event that disrupts business operations affecting an employee, a department, or even the whole organization. This could be an injury, a fire, a hurricane hazard, etc. But, the goal is to go beyond incident management and also track safety observations and near-misses. With respect to incidents, the goal is to ensure the same type of incident does not reoccur, especially ones that could have been spotted or predicted ahead of time with the right data and insights.

A robust, efficient, and centralized incident management software, such as the one offered by ComplianceQuest, enables the management of the safety incident workflow from the time of logging and recording the incidents to resolving them. When this is combined with a next-generation EHS solution – with an integrated document management system, risk management, safety observations platform, and employee portal – it truly takes safety processes to a whole new level.

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The most important aspect of a next-generation EHS system is data. It makes it easy for safety leaders to take advantage of embedded analytics, wherein using charts, dashboards, and trend reports, the safety team can derive much-needed insights.

Here’s a quick example from Griffin Dewatering, a groundwater and water treatment solutions company that serves the construction industry. There was a time when the company didn’t have an automated or centralized incident management software to handle safety incidents. As a result, it was difficult for them to track and verify their safety initiatives such as equipment inspections, job safety analysis, probabilistic safety assessments, etc.

They decided to automate the entire workflow and after evaluating several vendors they decided to implement ComplianceQuest EHS.

For starters, it helped to increase accountability and transparency by replacing paper-based forms, document handling, and checklist management with a fully automated, unified, cloud-based Safety solution. Over a two-year period, the company achieved zero incident rates, got real-time access to safety data, reduced risk, and increased workplace safety standards by several notches.

Incident Management Software for a Huston-based Construction Company

Advantages of a Modern Incident Management Software

The advantages of incident management software include the following:

#1 – Simplify Workflows and Consistently Minimize Incident Rates

ComplianceQuest’s powerful and continuously enhanced incident management software enables you to:

  • Create a clear understanding of the safety event
  • Collect complete data, records, and information on incidents
  • Enable your organization to detect root causes
  • Implement corrective actions with agility
  • Ensure proper incident notification up the internal chain-of-command and with applicable external agencies

#2 – Streamline and Automate the Process, With Proven Best Practices

ComplianceQuest’s comprehensive, accurate, and secure incident management solution helps with investigations and reports to establish a reliable and consistent process across business units, sites, and countries. With the help of auto-generated reports and regulatory forms, the solution also helps to ensure compliance while promoting data accuracy.

#3 – Imbibe an Enterprise-Wide Safety Culture

The ComplianceQuest EHS solution incorporates a user-friendly, intuitive, employee portal where employees from any department and in any location can collect, aggregate, and communicate information quickly and effectively to support accurate incident (or safety observations, near-misses) notification. The portal can also be used to schedule safety training and ensure all certifications are up-to-date for required personnel.

#4 – Continuously Enhance Performance

A good incident management software must make it easy to identify root causes, attach evidence, and capture decisions as needed for the investigation with the help of a proven Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process. This also can help to standardize the workflow, track progress, and assign corrective and preventative actions targeted to the causes.

CQ EHS comes integrated with a CAPA solution and a 5 Why Whiteboard that streamlines this entire workflow.

#5 – Smoother Collaboration Across Your Company

An incident management system allows you to securely and efficiently collaborate as a team. Real-time information and evidence about the incident are stored in the central file, accessible to all working on it.

#6 – Stay Compliant

An effective incident management system can help you to remain compliant with built-in compliance capabilities so that nothing is skipped or forgotten during a stressful incident. ComplianceQuest’s incident management software enables an efficient regulatory compliance process, ensuring you are compliant with OSHA and ISO requirements at all times.

#7 – Proactive Prevention

Prevention of incidents is a key priority for every organization. So, an effective incident management system can help your company to investigate, track, and monitor incidents as they unfold. Thus, you can mitigate or eliminate future incidents of a similar nature. With ComplianceQuest’s automated incident management system, your organization can resolve incidents quickly and efficiently using a user-friendly solution, supported by optimized analytics and data visualization tailored to your needs.

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The Incident Management Process

The incident management process is summarized below:

Incident Management Software process

You must know the efficient way of determining the nature of an incident and logging it. ComplianceQuest’s robust solution can help you to take out and assess incident data. This incident data can help to determine why and how the incidents happened and detect what can be done to rectify the problem to eliminate future recurrence.

Documentation is the initial process in the incident management process. The documentation process involves collaboration and input from all other departments. This must include clearly determining paths for incidents and their resolutions, escalation processes, and how incidents should be managed.

After identifying incidents, it’s important to have some level of prioritization of incidents so that incidents with a higher level of economic implication should be addressed before those with lower priority.

At the investigation stage, you should put your teams in place to investigate the incident, and using the documentation mentioned above, determine the best path forward to resolve the issue.

At this stage, incidents are being escalated to another team or outside resource to resolve critical issues promptly.

The following step is resolution. After rectifying an incident, it should be documented completely.

The review stage can help to refine and define all processes so that future occurrences can be mitigated as well as prevented.

Each process is crucial in managing your organization’s incidents, so these must be followed closely.

How ComplianceQuest EHS Can Help Your Organization

ComplianceQuest’s user-friendly and automated Incident Management facilitates dashboarding, analytics, collaboration, and predictive intelligence to easily enable this.

Some of the key features of ComplianceQuest Incident Management software include:

Near Miss Reporting: ComplianceQuest Incident Management software facilitates near-miss reporting and tracking to prevent a future incident.

Injury and Illness: ComplianceQuest Incident Management software enables you to easily monitor, manage, and report any incident from initial entry to completion.

Environmental Spills and Hazards: This solution can help to track environmental-related spills and hazards and maintain compliance at all times.

Reporting and Dashboards: You can access real-time reporting anytime on any device and create accessible, useful dashboards to drill down and analyze safety data by location or injury type.


In today’s world, most companies are becoming technology-oriented, so it is essential for them to properly track, organize, and mitigate the incidents that arise. For this, organizations should provide the necessary tools to prepare as incidents occur and address them immediately so that your company can get back to business as usual.

Don’t let preventable incidents disrupt your operations but resolve them with the proper tools. Get in touch to find out how ComplianceQuest can help to improve workplace safety and employee well-being.

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