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Salesforce Health Cloud

Transform patient care through intelligent data management, personalized experiences, and AI-powered insights, revolutionizing healthcare outcomes and satisfaction

salesforce health cloud banner
salesforce health cloud banner
what is salesforce health cloud
what is salesforce health cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient service management platform that helps companies streamline their patient support operations so they can quickly connect to patients and address their concerns or needs. Health Cloud lets you automate patient processes, connect support teams, and deliver a more personalized patient support experience.

Salesforce Health Cloud puts patient in the center, helping life sciences companies support and engage patients right from the start of their treatment. Combined with ComplianceQuest’s Complaints Management Solution, Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices can stay on top of their patient engagement and support programs to deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

Benefits of Connecting Your Entire Patient Support on a Modern Platform

Connecting your Health Cloud and QMS greatly benefits your patients, your employees and your business:

improve learning
Improve learning

Leverage complaints from healthcare providers or patients as a gauge for understanding product performance, improvements required, and impact on patient quality of life.

faster time to resolution
Faster time to resolution

Patient cases are quickly addressed, triaged and resolved leading to 60% reduction in time to resolution.

patient satisfaction
Patient Satisfaction

Companies leveraging ComplianceQuest integration with Salesforce Health Cloud saw an 80% CSAT in patient satisfaction.

improved bottom line
Improved bottom line

With better patient care and provider support, you can expect a 20% increase in patient and provider upsells.

Key Features and Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a wide range of features and benefits for manufacturers, including:

patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Engage with patients 1 to 1 by combining automated processes with easy access to the full details and history of every patient interaction.

Agent Workspace

Allow agents to seamlessly support patients from a single screen with an easy-to-use service console.

agent workspace
knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Drive personalized patient engagement and better support productivity with and 360-degree view of every patient.

Omni-Channel Routing

Deliver support and relevant information to patients through every channel, with secure and private messaging.

omni channel routing

How Does Integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with ComplianceQuest Lead to Great Patient Care?

Salesforce Health Cloud Integration with ComplianceQuest
Salesforce Health Cloud Integration with ComplianceQuest

In this age of patient-centric care, patients expect quick answers to their support questions and quick resolution of their issues. Life sciences companies are under increasing pressure to provide a better experience to patients that not only leads to patient satisfaction but also better health outcomes. To do so, they must provide their patient support team with every possible advantage, including a complete 360-degree view of each patient. Only a seamless integration of QMS and Health Cloud can deliver this advantage.

Patient Complaints must be handled Quickly

quickly handle patient complaints

When patient contact member support, they not only expect a fast answer, they need it. For the agent to offer immediate support, they need to have all of the patient’s information available, which is why the Salesforce Health Cloud is a vital tool. Not only that, but a similar patient case must be quickly treated as a complaint, reported to the health authorities as an eMDR (medical device report) and reviewed by the quality and engineering teams to ensure this it does not happen to other patients. Which is why an integration between your health cloud and your QMS is vital.

quickly handle patient complaints

Patient Excellence Use Case

patient excellence use case
patient excellence use case

Let’s take an example to see how Salesforce Health Cloud and ComplianceQuest help improve patient support:

A patient calling because of inaccurate readings from their glucose monitoring device can be having dangerous hypoglycemic episodes and needs immediate support. With an integration between Salesforce Health Cloud and ComplianceQuest, cases from Patient Member Support Centers are automatically triaged, labeled as complaints, and then sent complaints management as a complaint record in the ComplianceQuest QMS System. From there complaints can be appropriately investigated to determine the root cause and escalated to a CAPA if needed. Quality, engineering and regulatory affairs can collaborate seamlessly to resolve the complaints as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the Patient Member Support agent receives an update so they can follow up with the patient, let them know the status of their complaint, and check on their health status. Reporting adverse events is also made easier thanks to configurable decision trees, and for medical devices, eMDRs are automatically submitted to the FDA gateway to ensure compliance.

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