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Modern, Simple and Compliant Document and Learning Management

knowledge management

Say goodbye to paper! Modernize your processes with connected document, training, and controlled Change Management.

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knowledge management

Defragmented Organizational Knowledge

-80% Cost of IT Infra Management -48% Cost of Quality

With the rise of remote work and global business models you can no longer afford to rely on legacy or paper-based systems to manage your documents and trainings. These systems can easily become a hinderance, slowing down workflows and leading to inconsistencies

Lack of consistent digital content access makes employee skilling and re-skilling to maintain sustainability almost impossible. The never-ending changes to the content only make matters worse.

On the other hand, there is an increase in the number of electronic systems across the organization. Knowledge content, such as policies, procedures, work instructions, job aids, learning videos, regulatory training content, drawings, etc., are authored and maintained, if at all, in many different systems, locations and resources.

At the end of the day, sub-optimal knowledge can lead to employee disengagement and decreased productivity which in turn impacts overall quality, safety and productivity. That’s why it is more crucial than ever to make the right set of content available to the right people at the right time and on any device.

Goodbye Paper and Silos. Hello Digitalization and Productivity.

digitalization workforce productivity

By implementing a fully connected document and learning management suite of solutions, you give all employees instant access to data anytime and wherever they are, boosting productivity and business agility to new levels.

ComplianceQuest is a cloud-based platform that combines and fully connects Document, Training and Controlled Change Management in the Knowledge Management suite. It enables your teams to:

  • Have real-time visibility over content and workforce processes
  • Ensure anytime access to the latest version
  • Eliminate back-and-forth with easy and compliant online collaboration
  • Keep workforce upskilled with on-demand learning
  • Always be audit ready

With CQ’s complete Quality management Suite not only can you make every day work easier for your workforce, but you also ensure compliance.

A Modern and Compliant Document and Learning Management System

To enable your teams compliantly, you need a modern cloud-based system that makes collaboration and knowledge sharing easy and secure.

Knowledge Management System
CAPA raised per Year
Document Management

Ensure your employees have access to the data they need, when they need it, on whichever device they are using, compliantly. Switch to a unified repository and boost productivity with advanced collaboration tools.

  • Automated versioning and approval workflows.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Google Docs for document collaboration.
  • AI powered document search.
CAPA raised per Year
Change Management

Ensure compliance by monitoring the execution of all changes and conduct impact assessments to understand organization-wide change effects.

  • Documented change workflow tracking and monitoring.
  • Collaboration tools with action assigning and tracking.
  • Change evaluation and impact assessment.
CAPA raised per Year
Training Management

Bridge the skill gap and ensure your employees are always up to speed. Tailor trainings to each employee to upskill your workforce compliantly with a reliable training management process.

  • Automated training plans per job description.
  • SCORM compliant content.
  • Document management integration.
mustangbio case study

Customer Success

Success Story of 2 Companies Leveraging CQ Document Management Solution to Optimize their Business Processes

mustangbio case study
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Why ComplianceQuest

  • The Strongest Data Security Measures

    ComplianceQuest is proudly built on the Salesforce cloud, one of the most secure and trusted clouds in the market.

  • Proactive Continuous Improvement

    ComplianceQuest provides complete closed-loop processes to deliver integrated quality management. What’s more, trend recognition and predictive analytics help you spot alarming trends early on and take proactive measures.

  • Fully Digital and Reliable

    ComplianceQuest’s cloud-based platform supports fully digital business with modules that are based on domain expertise and best-practices. It allows for a unified system across departments that can be securely monitored and managed from anywhere.

  • Harmonized, Connected, and Easy to Use

    ComplianceQuest’s UI is proven to increase user adoption and efficiency. CQ’s modern platform comes equipped with personalized portals for each user, an AI assistant and guided workflows that support users across every task.

  • Smart at the Heart

    ComplianceQuest’s platform has embedded AI technologies and advanced analytics. Every user across the organization can benefit from applied AI use cases and smart recommendations that make everyday tasks much easier.

  • Unlock your Digital Transformation with our AI-powered Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety management platform

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beyond document and knowledge management

Beyond Document and Learning Management

  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Management

Metrics that Matter

  • -80%

    Infra Management

    Cost of IT Infra Management

  • -45%

    CAPA raised per Year

    CAPA raised per Year

  • -48%


    Cost of Quality

  • -50%


    Change Request

  • -24%


    Cost of Labor

  • +54%


    Employee Engagement

  • -32%


    Customer Complaint

  • -70%


    Employee Training

  • -46%


    Audit Finding

  • +37%


    Customer Satisfaction


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