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Salesforce Service Cloud

Help customer service resolve customer issues faster, improve first call resolution rates and enhance the customer experience.

salesforce service cloud
salesforce service cloud
what is salesforce service cloud?
what is salesforce service cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service management platform that helps companies streamline their customer service operations in order to quickly connect to customers and solve customer problems. Service Cloud lets you automate service processes, streamline workflows, and deliver a more personalized customer service experience.

Benefits of ComplianceQuest and Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

With a core integration with Salesforce Services Cloud, the ComplianceQuest platform offers significant advantages that would not be possible outside the Salesforce Cloud:

create a consolidated engagement eystem.svg
Create a Consolidated Engagement System

Exceed customer and patient expectations with a single view across touchpoints and lines of business.

faster path from awareness to regulatory reporting
Faster Path from Awareness to Regulatory Reporting

Seamless management of complaints data from intake to investigation to regulatory submissions, to services and finally closure.

intelligent case to complaint triage
Intelligent Case to Complaint Triage

Thanks to this integration customer service agents benefit from AI-powered intelligent triage that helps them decide when to turn a case to complaint and to classify, categorize and assign a risk level to each complaint. Complaint records are auto-populated through the Services connector, removing the need for manual data entry for a more efficient process.

improve quality and patient safety
Improve Quality and Patient Safety

Save valuable time for both the quality and regulatory affairs team with intelligent guidance in reporting and submitting adverse events to FDA and other countries.

drive loyalty and mitigate risk
Drive Loyalty and Mitigate Risk

Increase complaint resolution efficiency resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction.

turn customer feedback
Turn Customer Feedback into Innovation

Gain insight on how to prevent future problems as well as fuel further innovation.

Key Features and Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud for Businesses

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a wide range of features and benefits for manufacturers, including:

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    Case Management

    Resolve cases faster by combining automated processes with easy access to the full details, context, and history of every case and customer interaction.

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    Agent Workspace

    Allow agents to seamlessly handle cases from a single screen with an easy-to-use service console. Equip them with built-in productivity tools and a 360-degree view of every customer.

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    Knowledge Management

    Drive quick case resolution and maximize agent productivity with recommended articles and optimized article search.

  • Service Process Automation

    Create end-to-end workflows to automate and scale repetitive business processes with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Omni-Channel Routing

    Automatically match cases from any channel – messaging, chat, social, email, and voice – to the right agent based on skill set and expertise.

  • Service Analytics

    Boost team efficiency using prebuilt dashboards that monitor agent performance, key KPIs and channel usage, from anywhere.

Why Does Great Service Require Seamless EQMS and CRM Integration?

Seamless EQMS and CRM Integration
Seamless EQMS and CRM Integration

Customer complaints can be an invaluable resource for businesses to continue driving improvement to their products, services and workflows. Plus, in regulated industries such as Pharma or Medical Device, customer complaints that meet the criteria must be reported to regulatory authorities within a limited time window. Only a seamless integration of EQMS and CRM can ensure you meet regulatory standards and turn customer complaints to opportunities of improvement that you can act on.

Complaint and Quality Management

complaint and quality management

For many manufacturers, customer service goes hand-in-hand with quality management. This is especially true in medical device manufacturing, where poor quality and customer problems can directly affect patient health and safety.

Complaints management can be a complicated process, especially for large, regulated businesses. Typically, there are many agents involved in complaints intake, operating from either internal or external call centers. Plus, complaints must be handled differently for each country, and for each product adding to the complexity of complaint management.

complaint and quality management

SPR Therapeutics Success Story

spr therapeutics success story
spr therapeutics success story

One company’s success story provides an ideal example. SPR Therapeutics designs, manufactures and commercializes non-opioid, minimally invasive pain treatment options.

Early on, the company discovered that their internal systems, including CRM, inventory management and quality management, did not support their business plan. They were disconnected, inefficient, and made poor use of critical data. They needed technology that would support their business, not hold them back.

SPR Therapeutics implemented Rootstock Cloud ERP, Salesforce CRM and ComplianceQuest EQMS on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. ComplianceQuest is a 100% cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) natively built and run on the Salesforce platform.

Product quality and patient satisfaction are the top priority at SPR Therapeutics. Feedback from physicians and patients is essential, and complaints are used as a gauge for understanding product performance, improvements required, and priority level. Improving complaint processing had been one of SPR’s goals with the new system.

Prior to going live with their new system in August 2019, the number of open complaints was rising rapidly. Between product improvements made by the engineering team and released into the field and the improved complaint handling efficiency, the number of open complaints has significantly decreased despite a continued rise in sales.

The following graph shows SPR Therapeutics’ decline in open complaints.

Furthermore, the timeframe for investigating and resolving complaints has decreased by an average of 60%.

For more information about how SPR Therapeutics succeeded with ComplianceQuest and Salesforce, download.

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