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Work, Health and Safety Management System

Strengthen your Safety Culture and improve performance through accessible reporting and effective management, communication and analysis of all health and safety information.


Health and Safety Management System

Why CQ Work, Health and Safety Management System

Health and Safety will reduce the cost due to injury, improve your safety culture, and improve health and safety related decision making for an efficient and effective operation.

Your workforce is your greatest asset, and if left unprotected, can become the greatest risk. As regulations become increasingly complex and expansive, more companies each year move into the OSHA severe violator category. The social cost on injuries is profound, the loss of productivity difficult to quantify, and compensation costs are estimated to be close to $1B in the US alone.

To improve health and safety in your enterprise and reduce the costs of avoidable illness and injury, companies must depend on good and timely data to focus on the areas of highest risk first and improve their health and safety program across the company.

Although a Health & Safety program is a very essential element, every workplace will need to adopt to safeguard its greatest asset – human resource – implementing a robust health & safety program gaining without the backing of a software solution can make it all the more onerous.

With Health & safety gaining heightened significance in the current circumstances and with the health & safety heads having to manage remotely, the ComplianceQuest H&S management solution enables seamless management of your organization’s complete H&S program through a range of intuitively integrated tools and applications.

Features of ComplianceQuest's Work,Health and Safety System

Safety Event Reporting - ComplianceQuest

Safety Event Reporting

Promote your safety culture by ensuring workers have easy access to report injuries, accidents, or near misses that could affect safety on the worksite. Reports can be addressed to manage the risk, ensure an effective response, and if required, be reported directly to the regulatory agency.

Health and Safety Management - CAPA


Full action lifecycle to investigate and address unwanted events, hazards and to facilitate change management. Assign to the right people, monitor the workflow and provide full visibility as the process moves through verification of effectiveness.

Worksite Inspections - ComplianceQuest

Worksite Inspections

Define the schedule, checklists, and assess the type and level of safe activity for all or specific locations. Keep your inspections seamless, consistent, timely and mobile on any device and allow managers to assign actions to unwanted findings – all within one record for easy tracking and trend analysis.

Health and Safety Management - Safety Observations

Safety Observations

Provide workers a means to engage in the Safety Culture and to report the positive or negative observations. Safety managers can use the data for trending or assign investigations and actions depending on what is required. Excellent for lessons learned postings to the workforce.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Our compliance management module is managed by Enhesa – the world’s largest provider of EHS regulatory requirements. What’s also on offer is that our solution offers the capability of undertaking a regulatory applicability analysis for a particular geography / operation.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

With ComplianceQuest H&S management solution, you will be able to manage to all your stakeholders, ensure that their needs are being fulfilled. Not just that, ensuring their participation and involvement in identifying H&S risks, root cause for any incidents is also part of the H&S solution offered by CQ.

Work, Health and Safety Management System - Risk Management

Risk Management

Through our indigenously developed risk management module, you will be able to

  • Maintain all hazards & risks in a consolidated document
  • Categorize risks based on a thought through risk rating methodology
  • Classify risks based on the function / process /activity
  • Follow the hierarchy of controls while determining control measures
  • Assign risk owners and frequency of review
  • Alter the risk level based on the effectiveness of the control measure
Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks

Create and record the information for your Toolbox Talks, share the information and receive the electronic signature of attendees from their mobile.

Stop Work Authority

Stop Work Authority

Record a Stop Work Order and manage the risk to return to operations.

Safety Notifications And Collaboration

Safety Notifications and Collaboration

Improve Health and Safety communication and transparency. Like and follow relevant records in the system and decide how and when to be notified of changes.

Analytics and Dashboards

Analytics and Dashboards

Have the Health and Safety metrics of your workplace at your fingertips for improved decision-making and oversight. Know what your risks are, know what you are doing about them; and prove it.

Mobile access

Mobile access

Access your solution on the go, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Complete access to the solution including reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts, etc. ensures business continuity and improves efficiency, visibility and flexibility.

Our customers use ComplianceQuest to:


Market Product Faster


Competitive Advantage


Internal / External Capabilities


Continuous Improvement


Significant Business Challenge


Operating Margins


Supplier Visibility


Major Product Recalls

Wrap Up

  • Ensure your ROI is realized by managing your hazards and events to ensure recurrence is avoided and continuous improvement takes place.
  • Reduce the incidence and costs of workplace injuries while promoting a safety culture of accountability and responsibility
  • Share safety information to keep your workplace informed and your team on point
  • Know what your risks are, know what you’re doing about them, and prove it

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