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Change Management Software System

CQ Change Management Software System

Change Management Software

Organization, Collaboration and Governance for Efficient Changes

Navigate the complexity, coordination and execution of the change process lifecycle to drive continuous improvement

Manage and deploy changes effectively and consistently with collaborative
stakeholder involvement


Change is everywhere, and can be initiated from anywhere in your organization. CQ Change Management allows you and your supply chain partners to establish and follow best practice workflows to address the entire change management lifecycle. The software supports each aspect of your own change management process from initiation and review/approval through to execution tracking, verification and closure.

The backbone of any quality system, CQ Change Management connects automatically with other QMS processes including CAPA, Document Management system, and Training Management to ensure seamless integration between QMS processes. It not only assures compliance by maintaining detailed documentation on all changes, such as those related to design specifications, SOPs, materials, suppliers, and processes but can also greatly enhance your company’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

Provide Organizational Governance and Oversight

Ensure compliance through documented workflow tracking and monitoring the execution of all changes. By addressing all processes and other changes systematically – and not simply by trying to recall all the changes in someone’s head – you can be assured that best practices are followed and regulations are complied with appropriately. Conduct impact assessments to understand change effects organization-wide.

Change management system
Change management solution

Collaborate with Stakeholders Across the Organization

With changes generated anywhere in your company, you need an organized method to evaluate, share, track and implement all changes properly. Employees may ‘subscribe’ to change records to follow those actions relevant to their roles/functions. And by notifying all relevant stakeholders instantly via integrated enterprise collaboration tools like Chatter, you improve decision making with their involvement. Action items are easily assigned for tracking and suppliers can be updated. The system routes planned changes to impacted area heads who can review/approve changes from their own devices. As a cloud-based system, all stakeholders can work together from anywhere with any device.

Establish and Follow Best Practices

Systematically follow proper procedures and practices when rolling out changes. Eliminate manual processes that can lead to errors and delays. Define your own policy and track each step in the change lifecycle from initiation to business/risk assessment to approval to task assignment to change implementation to verification. Streamline the process and guarantee consistency and repeatability across the entire change process.

Change management system
Change Management Software

Accelerate the Change Process

By sharing all changes, their impact and associated tasks with everyone involved, nothing is forgotten and you speed up implementation of changes. Having a structured process ensures you don’t forget anything. All associated tasks with changes are specified and tracked so documents get updated, training gets completed and processes get updated more efficiently, eliminating the need for back and forth emails and meetings, and resultant delays. Changes become effective quicker, leading to improved productivity and a reduced cost of change.

Increase Change Visibility

Track all change actions and related impact to understand how changes are progressing. Gain visibility at all levels of your organization so all impacted constituencies can plan accordingly. This way, before changes become effective, you can make sure all approvals have been set and there is a defined ‘good to go’ process. Mitigate risk by ensuring changes introduced after being put into production have been validated.

Change Management Solution

Support Your Entire Organization

Management - Change Management Software System


Understand impact, status, and effectivity of change through real-time dashboards to eliminate uncertainty for the company.

Change Manager/ Coordinator - Change Management Software System

Change Manager/ Coordinator

To minimize risk and impact to the business, assure changes are properly assessed, reviewed, and deployed.

Quality - CQ Change Management Software System


Streamline visibility, tracking and compliance for changes in process, product, people, and equipment.

Manufacturing  - CQ Change Management Software System


Reduce scrap and waste with real-time notification and information of changes and change activities involving key manufacturing individuals.

Engineering - CQ Change Management Software System


Gain confidence that engineering change orders will propagate to the right people, at the right time.

Supply Chain - CQ Change Management Software System

Supply Chain

Remove bottlenecks and clearly communicate changes in real-time to/from suppliers to prevent supply chain disruption.

“When it comes to changes, it’s so important to have a structured process. With a global footprint and an extensive supply chain, any changes we make in processes or operations have a substantial impact across our operations. With ComplianceQuest, we’re able to initiate and track changes consistently, and then be confident that all our other upstream and downstream activities occur as they should, when they should. Wherever a change happens now, whether it’s Engineering, Product, whatever related, it gets done faster and we know everything’s in place once it’s effective.”

-VP Manufacturing Operations, Global Electronics Corporation

Key CQ Document Management Features


Change Initiation

Change Initiation

Initiate a change with detailed information such as area of change, scope of change, reason for change, type of change (i.e. normal or emergency), proposed change dates, associated risks, expected impact, and any relevant non-conformance or CAPA that may have prompted the change.

Change Evaluation

Change Evaluation

Easily route changes to the right team (e.g., Quality, Engineering) for evaluation, review/assessment and approval.

Change Execution & Tracking

Change Execution & Tracking

Document-required tasks to be executed and tracked, each for completion by assigned due dates.

Change Verification & Closure

Change Verification & Closure

With close-loop change management, automatically assign tasks to evaluate the outcome of the change on affected products or processes.

Change Control

Change Control

Using Change Control, streamline the process and guarantee consistency and repeatability across the entire change process. Thus, leading to an accelerated change process which makes changes effective, quicker, improves productivity abd a reduces cost of change..

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Review, escalate and approve changes anywhere, at any time, on your own device.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Understand trends in changes, identify patterns, monitor open change initiatives via dashboards, track outcomes around specific products, track deviations per product and report on open/closed changes. Use built-in best practice based reports or create your own.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Anyone can follow change record processes. Share information easily via Salesforce.com-based enterprise collaboration software (Chatter).

Why is Change Management So Important?

  • Change management is the ‘unsung hero’ of most businesses. Change happens constantly, from product to process to IT, etc. It can be initiated by numerous people or places in your organization.
  • With numerous change processes to manage, such as design specifications, SOPs, material changes, supplier changes, process changes, etc., companies need to have automation tools to manage and deploy each change in a consistent fashion.
  • Regulated and ISO certified companies are expected to maintain detailed documentation of changes.
  • Change in one part of the business can lead to an array of other changes needed: new specification documents, revised existing manager work instructions, recalibrated equipment, updated raw material requirements, expanded training content, etc. Manual processes and tracking simply cannot keep pace.

Change Management Datasheet

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