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Management Review Software

Management Review Software

All about the data? Conduct data-driven management review meetings with real-time AI-powered analytics for smarter decisions

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization with a high level view of your quality and safety metrics and drive smarter decisions with real-time interactive dashboards powered by predictive analytics

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Management Review Software

With CQ Management Review Solution

you can have comprehensive control over how management reviews are conducted to not only meet regulatory requirements but also ensure all key stakeholders have a clear picture with regards to risks and impacts and to collaborate effectively to improve overall quality and safety performance.

Comprehensive and effective Management Review help you understand what is and what is not working within the quality or safety system, what are the problems you should be focusing on, and whether or not you are meeting your targets and goals.

With CQ Management Review Software your entire process is streamlined, making sure your organization is constantly making progress towards its goals while staying compliant to quality and safety standards.

    • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, cGMP, ISO 45001, ISO 18001 are examples of regulations and standards that require you conduct periodic management reviews of your company’s quality or health and safety management system. These meetings need to be documented along with any findings and plans to address them.

      ComplianceQuest simplifies the management review process by allowing you to easily schedule, launch, and collect data for management meeting reviews such as attendees, meeting agenda and meeting notes. It also makes it possible to track issues, identify risks and trends, record data-driven decisions and identify opportunities for improvements. You can also ensure that action items from meetings are being executed by assigning responsibilities for follow-up actions, tracking progress, and preparing all documents needed for standards and future regulatory audits, all from the ComplianceQuest Management Review solution.

    • Management reviews are critical for the continuous improvement of quality and safety performance in your organization but often the management review workflow is not streamlined and automated. As a result, it is difficult to keep track of decisions made during the review meeting and track progress on actions to be taken.

      Memos and minutes of the meeting provide limited support and can be lost in the vast volume of other communication/documents executives receive every day. An automated Management Review Solution provides visibility across the workflow, facilitates tracking and monitoring and integrates into the QHSE to ensure timely closure of all action points as part of the organizational quality and safety processes.

    • CQ Management Review Solution provides AI-powered Control Towers to visualize a set of key metrics through highly interactive dashboards and charts. Executive leaders are able to use real-time data and insights to take impactful decisions that make the management review process more meaningful. Business leaders or operational owners can also drill down further on certain operational metrics to deep dive and analyze a particular KPI as needed.

      Our solution also leverages CQ.AI, ComplianceQuest’s artificial intelligence framework, to help leaders derive predictive intelligence and actionable insights. It makes it easier for meeting attendees to decide which metrics to focus on and why.

    • Meeting Management is a key feature of ComplianceQuest’s Management Review Solution. It is critical to capture action items from any meeting and assign it to the relevant stakeholder(s) to execute.

      Our Meeting Management functionality makes it easy to define actions, put down due dates, and, overall, drive transparency and accountability to the complete organizational quality and safety processes.

    Management Review Software

Support your Entire Organization

  • supplier audit management software to gain complete visibilty on supplier performance


    Improve overall business performance by conducting effective management reviews to drive continuous improvement.

  • Quality and Health & Safety Leaders

    Get into management reviews with the right set of metrics, KPIs, and data at your fingertips. Take action items to follow through on and collaborate with other stakeholders to get the job done.

  • Regulatory

    Have reliable and easy access to data and dashboards for audits from the conducted management reviews.

  • Functional Heads

    Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and other teams to modify policies, take corrective action, drive continuous improvement, using the power of data and AI.

What they Say About Us

  • I have been working with Compliance Quest for almost a year now and am very pleased. We utilized CQ to help us achieve our first ISO certification and the assessor made multiple comments on how well the system was developed. Compliance Quest patiently worked through implementation with us as we constructed our QMS. They were able to offer insight due to an in-depth understanding of quality control. CQ offers all the functionality we need to easily manage and scale our QMS, I highly recommend it.

    Zach Parker,

    Numed Inc

  • We conducted a thorough, comparative review of systems within our budget and CQ was a clear winner. The system is powerful and versatile, even with an out of box implementation. The functionality is complete, covering every significant aspect of a quality system. Validation is straightforward with the use of OQ scripts from CQ, which can be modified to fit your implementation. It ensures that processes implemented through the system and records generated by the system are compliant for medical device companies. But, the biggest benefit we’ve received is through the collaborative partnership with CQ personnel. They listen and understand our needs. They are creative in helping us make implementation as easy as possible. Having been in large companies and small, I can see this system fitting in either environment and budget.

    Jackie Jaskula, Director of QA and Regulatory

Key Features of Management Review Solution

Management Review Software features
Reporting & Analytics Mobile Access Integrate with Risk Management Regulatory Reporting & Submissions Compilation of Meetings Schedule Meetings Document Meeting Agenda Track Action Items Collaboration/Communication Control Towers/Dashboards
  • Reporting & Analytics

    World-class dashboards, reports, charts, and analytics for improved visibility.

  • Mobile Access

    Access data and documents from management review meetings from anytime, anywhere.

  • Integrate with Risk Management

    Seamlessly connect with CQ Risk Management solution to plan mitigative actions for new risks identified during the review process.

  • Regulatory Reporting & Submissions

    Manage documents and any timelines associated with regulatory reporting.

  • Compilation of Meetings

    Find meeting minutes and data from previous management reviews with ease.

  • Schedule Meetings

    Schedule recurring meetings with relevant stakeholders and track attendance for traceability and compliance. Synchronize events with your Outlook calendar.

  • Document Meeting Agenda

    Document the agenda for the meeting and set aside time for various topics of discussion.

  • Track Action Items

    Document meeting minutes, action items, and allocate tasks to relevant personnel. Track and monitor progress made on these tasks from prior meetings.

  • Collaboration/Communication

    Communicate using Chatter and tag relevant team members whenever needed.

  • Control Towers/Dashboards

    Track a set of metrics and KPIs on an ongoing basis; track new metrics as needed, make smart decisions based on actionable insight -- all with the goal of enabling continuous improvement.


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