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compliancequest ai
compliancequest ai
AI Buzz and Challenges

The AI Buzz and Challenges

You are probably seeing a lot of hype and vague statements around AI and advanced analytics capabilities in the market without any explanation on how these technologies will be practically applied to improve your product lifecycle, quality and safety processes. That’s the challenge: a lot of technical jargon and no understanding of possible use cases.

But Leveraging AI in Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety Promises Enormous Benefits for All Businesses:

  • Automate tasks and increase business agility
  • Free up resources and boost productivity
  • Reduce errors, redundancies and duplicate work
  • Cut costs by bringing new levels of consistency
  • Improve business decision making
  • Benefit from unstructured data and generated unmatched insights
  • Allow for innovation
  • And much more…

Applied AI for Smarter Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety Processes

ComplianceQuest offers real applied AI features that are implemented into day-to-day tasks and processes. Our applied AI use cases are ready out-of-the-box and they provide not only product lifecycle, quality and safety managers, but all users with intelligent recommendations, advanced decision-making features, and predictive analytics to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and boost innovation.

CQ’s Applied AI helps businesses with use cases across complaints management, audit management, nonconformance, CAPA, safety incidents, overall user experience and more. And it continues to grow with each release.

ai for smarter quality and safety process

Next Generation AI Powered Enterprise Quality and Safety Management System – A Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper

ai audit

Let’s look at one example for audit:

Audits are an indispensable tool for continuous improvement as well as compliance with product lifecycle, quality and safety standards. However, managing the different types of audits, consolidating findings, then acting on findings generated from audits can easily become a challenge, especially if it is needed across different locations.

Let’s say an audit manager scheduled an internal audit for a manufacturing site in Chicago. During the onsite audit, the auditor must assign each audit finding with a finding type which can be a subjective decision. With CQ.AI, the auditor gets a recommendation for the audit finding type based on the narrative description entered where CQ.AI simply has compared it to similar previous findings in the system.

Once the audit is done, the site manager receives the report of the Audit Findings. To truly benefit from the audit, the site manager needs to assess the findings, and compare them to previous findings to notice any trends or reoccurrences. With CQ.AI there is no need to waste time manually going through previous audit records. The site manager automatically gets a list of similar audit findings with a score for each finding and a recommendation to mark as reoccurring. The manager can then easily start an investigation and escalate to a CAPA if needed.

So, what’s the Audit Applied AI advantages?

  • Decreased risk of non-compliance during external audits
  • Quicker detection and management of reoccurring product lifecycle, quality and safety issues
  • Decreased time, labor and cost needed for audit execution and management
  • Decreased manual/human errors and decision bias


aI benefits

Unlike others in the market, CQ offers AI across its entire platform with out-of-the-box “Applied” AI use cases for its solutions. Don’t waste time on the technical jargon, instead focus on the benefits.

Take the Smart Approach. Power Your Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety Processes with CQ.AI. Your Users Will Love It.

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