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Drive Change, Streamline Reporting and Achieve Sustainability and ESG Goals

environment and sustainability

Proactively and accurately monitor and measure your company’s impact on the environment to improve performance and reach your environmental and sustainability targets

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environment and sustainability

Sustainability & ESG Reporting: The Last Thing you need to worry about is Data Accuracy

-24% Cost of IT Infra Management -48% Cost of Quality

Sustainability and ESG indicators are as vital as financial indicators for organizations, and it is essential for organizations to have efficient and error-free sustainability and ESG reporting. Disparate systems and inconsistent data units make the process time-consuming and inefficient, posing a risk of reputational damage.

Global organizations often face challenges in managing, tracking, and consolidating organization-wide data while complying with the latest regulations. It is critical for EHS leaders to address the following challenges, disclose accurate information and adhere to regulatory and voluntary reporting requirements.

  • Lack of Integrated System: With manual and disparate processes, managing, validating, normalizing, and aggregating sustainability data can become time-consuming and error prone.
  • Consistent Data Reporting Across the Business Units: For multinational organizations, the lack of reporting in consistent units, such as tons versus kilograms, adds additional manual data conversion steps, making the sustainability reporting process more inefficient.
  • No Real-time Actionable Insights: Organizations may miss opportunities to effectively and efficiently manage their sustainability and ESG performance and provide accurate sustainability reporting, which can result in reputational damage and inefficient processes.

Environmental, Sustainability and ESG Data in One Place

environment and sustainability

ComplianceQuest’s Environmental and Sustainability Solution helps in managing ongoing environmental events while managing and mitigating the associated risks to any organization. Purposely designed to ensure ease of use for any organization to manage, track and analyze environmental, sustainability and ESG metrics and gain a holistic view of your business on the Salesforce platform.

Our cloud-based solutions help organizations streamline their collection, verification, tracking, normalization, and analysis of key sustainability, safety, and ESG-related metrics. With our solutions, you can track Sustainability/ESG goals and objectives, support mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements and get actionable insights to develop Sustainability/ESG strategy.

A Comprehensive Suite of Environmental and Sustainability Solutions

  • Sustainability Management
  • Aspects and Impacts
  • Spills and Releases
  • Permit Management
  • Notice of Violation
environmental and sustainability solution
CAPA raised per Year
Sustainability Management

Provides the method of tracking and reporting emissions to regulatory agencies. With consistent monitoring, sustainability goals are more easily tracked and achieved.

  • Effectively track environmental impact and sustainability metrics.
  • Monitor and report progress towards goals and regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze areas for improvement and identify sustainability initiatives.
  • Collaborate and communicate with stakeholders, suppliers, and customers in sustainability efforts.
CAPA raised per Year
Aspects and Impacts

Identify aspects and related impacts and assess the potential risk that it exposes the organization to both with and without control measures.

  • Identify and evaluate environmental aspects and impacts.
  • Assess and prioritize aspects and impacts for effective management.
  • Monitor progress toward environmental goals with performance indicators.
  • Analyze environmental programs for improvement opportunities with reporting and analysis.
CAPA raised per Year
Spills and Releases

Equip your team with a tool to report spills and releases and actions taken for mitigation. Enable oversight, trend analysis, and regulatory reporting by management to prevent future incidents.

  • Quickly report spills and releases by location, type, and volume.
  • Automate notifications for timely response by relevant personnel.
  • Monitor response activities and associated costs.
  • Analyze frequency, severity, and causes of spills for prevention and response improvement.
CAPA raised per Year
Permit Management

Quickly and easily manage a centralized database of all organizational permits including identified prerequisites and clauses to ensure compliance. Automatic proactive and reactive reminders are provided to further organization’s compliance goals. 

  • Manage permits and compliance obligations in one place.
  • Automate tracking and alerts for renewals and reporting deadlines.
  • Integrate with regulatory databases and stay up-to-date on requirements.
  • Analyze compliance status, trends, and improvement areas with reporting and analytics.
CAPA raised per Year
Notice of Violation

Effectively manage Notice of Violations to minimize the potential social and financial impact.

  • Automate violation reporting for quick and easy reporting.
  • Identify specific regulatory publications for accurate compliance.
  • Manage investigations, corrective actions, and mitigation plans.
  • Swift and effective response to minimize social and financial impact.
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The EHS Transformation Journey: Where are You on the Safety Culture Path?

mustangbio case study
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Why ComplianceQuest

  • The Strongest Data Security Measures

    ComplianceQuest is proudly built on the Salesforce cloud, one of the most secure and trusted clouds in the market.

  • Proactive Continuous Improvement

    ComplianceQuest provides complete closed-loop processes to deliver integrated health and safety management. On top of that, trend recognition and predictive analytics help you spot alarming trends early on and take proactive measures.

  • Fully Digital and Reliable

    ComplianceQuest’s cloud-based platform supports fully digital business with modules that are based on domain expertise and best practices. It allows for a unified system across departments that can be securely monitored and managed from anywhere.

  • Harmonized, Connected, and Easy to Use

    ComplianceQuest’s UI is proven to increase user adoption and efficiency. CQ’s modern platform also comes equipped with personalized portals for each user, an AI assistant, and guided workflows that support users across every task.

  • Smart at the Heart

    ComplianceQuest’s platform has embedded AI technologies and advanced analytics. Every user across the organization can benefit from applied AI use cases and smart recommendations that make everyday tasks much easier.

  • Unlock your Digital Transformation with our AI-powered Product Lifecycle, Quality and Safety management platform

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Metrics that Matter

  • -80%

    Infra Management

    Cost of IT Infra Management

  • -45%

    CAPA raised per Year

    CAPA raised per Year

  • -48%


    Cost of Quality

  • -50%


    Change Request

  • -24%


    Cost of Labor

  • +54%


    Employee Engagement

  • -32%


    Customer Complaint

  • -70%


    Employee Training

  • -46%


    Audit Finding

  • +37%


    Customer Satisfaction


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