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Safety Inspections

Effortlessly conduct safety inspections, proactively identify potential hazards, and implement risk mitigation strategies

Conduct safety inspections on the go, without having to worry about connectivity

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With the CQ Safety Inspections Solution

you can increase inspection efficiency, reduce risk, and drive workplace safety by effectively planning, scheduling, and conducting safety inspections across your entire organization. CQ makes safety inspections easier and faster by allowing you to perform inspections on the go, with or without connectivity on your mobile device.

The program owners can define the scope of the inspection program and set up recurring inspections using the CQ Safety Inspection Software. The solution helps inspectors conduct program-based and ad-hoc safety inspections at regular intervals. The inbuilt checklist functionality helps safety leaders proactively identify safety hazards, take preventive action, ensure workforce safety and stay compliant with regulations.

    • As businesses look for ways to improve efficiency, cut costs, and improve the bottom line, the last thing they want to do is manage safety programs on paper with manual processes and data entry errors. Safety inspection programs prevent incidents before they happen and help businesses avoid the direct and indirect costs associated with an incident. It is essential to digitize safety inspection programs to ensure enterprise-wide consistency, the implementation of best practices, and improved worker safety. With CQ’s Safety Inspection Software, you can digitalize and automate inspections – ditch paper or spreadsheets and conduct inspections on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

    • For businesses with multiple locations, accessing safety management systems on mobile becomes critical for conducting an activity on the go while avoiding time-consuming manual compilation. Nowadays, mobility is the norm, and for forward-thinking businesses, offline is the new online. Workers in remote locations may not always have internet connectivity and yet it is critical for organizations to conduct inspections in a timely manner to proactively identify hazards, notify relevant stakeholders, and take the necessary measures to prevent incidents before they happen. Using CQ’s mobile app, you can give your inspectors the ability to conduct inspections, engage with employees and respond to inspection checklists even when there is no connectivity.

    • Establishing and carrying out an inspection program allows you to foresee potential safety hazards, take corrective measures, and reduce the likelihood of incidents or non-compliance. As an EHS leader, you will be able to streamline the process of planning, scheduling, and conducting inspections across your sites with CQ’s Safety Inspection Software and gain actionable insights to identify and mitigate risks.

    • The whole purpose of conducting safety inspections is to keep an eye on general conditions, specific hazards, and work practices to identify safety hazards and mitigate associated risks. EHS leaders can better inspect these aspects against a checklist and set up tasks to mitigate risks discovered during an inspection. Using CQ’s single, easy-to-use cloud-based system, you can import pre-built inspection checklists or easily build custom checklists and instantly assign them to the right people across each of your locations to ensure consistency, accuracy, and compliance.

    • Automating the safety inspection workflow with CQ’s Safety Inspection Software empowers EHS leaders with data at their fingertips – to efficiently identify areas of improvement, assign corrective actions and track them to completion. The software gives access to documents and reports of past inspections as well to enable you to configure scores and weights to checklists to get insights into how inspections are performing over the period for continuous improvement. With this, businesses can increase accountability and improve the transparency of safety inspection program activities.

    Safety Inspection Program

Support your Entire Organization

  • Safety Inspection Program Owner

    Effectively plan and schedule recurring and non-recurring inspections.

  • Safety Inspector

    Conduct inspections on the go, access past safety inspections and create corrective actions to mitigate risks.

  • EHS/Operations

    Ensure continuous monitoring of the workplace to identify potential hazards and mitigate EHS risks.

  • Management

    Review and analyze the effectiveness of the safety inspection program and continuous workplace monitoring.

What they Say About Us

  • We implemented this software where I work and have been overall happy with the outcome. After taking a day or two workings to learn the software, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways! There’s also a huge library of training videos provided with the subscription, and an easy to use ticket portal. Moving to CQ HSE was worth the effort and will pay for itself within the year, but what really matters is that we have a fully functional HSE software that can grow and evolve with the business. The mobile features and real-time data capture provides great accessibility to the HSE program for all levels of staff.

    Andre Perrault,

    Manager, Health Safety & Environment

  • We have been working closely with ComplianceQuest for over a year now, and what impresses me the most, is their professionalism and patience and how much they really care that we are successful. I would have given 10 stars but there were only five.
    We have developed some out of the box functionality with our incoming inspection process, and the ComplianceQuest team listened very carefully to our requirements, and provided insightful recommendations. We were easily able to customize the look and feel of the interface which made it user friendly for our inspectors.

    Alastair Henderson, Project Manager

    S&C Electric Company

Key Features of CQ Safety Inspections Solution

Safety Inspection features
Robust Scoring Mechanism Effective Corrective Actions Mobile App Reporting and Analytics Inspection Program Management Inspections Management Configurable Checklists Easy-to-use Import Utility Tool
  • Robust Scoring Mechanism

    Configure scores and weights to checklists to get insights into how inspections are performing over the period.

  • Effective Corrective Actions

    Instantly initiate corrective actions and track the progress in real-time.

  • Mobile App

    Easily conduct safety inspections in the field using a mobile app, with or without connectivity.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Access real-time reporting anytime on any device and create accessible, useful dashboards with just a few clicks to analyze and garner insights from data. It also offers the ability to drill-down and analyze health and safety data by location or injury type.

  • Inspection Program Management

    Quickly set up inspection programs, create checklists, and streamline inspections across your organization.

  • Inspections Management

    Efficiently schedule, assign and conduct a program or ad hoc inspections across the sites from a single and centralized platform.

  • Configurable Checklists

    Effortlessly create customized electronic checklists to meet your needs for a comprehensive library for various safety inspections.

  • Easy-to-use Import Utility Tool

    Leverage import wizards to easily import a pre-built checklist in minutes.


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