CQ Guide: 5-step safety inspection process to create a safe work environment

Many risks may arise while operating any business. Out of all the risks, safety risks are the ones that need the most attention, as companies need to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. You can reduce potential risks and hazards by implementing an effective risk management system. But, before implementing the process, safety risks should be identified first. This is where safety inspections in the workplace come in to be proactive in the workplace and to keep people safe as well as,

  • Finding out potential health and safety hazards and investigating the effectiveness of your workplace safety practices
  • Properly checking safety equipment and recommending corrective actions to rectify or eliminate any hazards
  • Reviewing for compliance with health and safety regulations and guidelines

ComplianceQuest presented a webinar on “Eyes For Safety: Safety Inspections.” This webinar discusses transforming safety observations, inspections, and corrective actions into data or analytics to enhance your decision-making.

cta 5 step safety inspection process
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