November 15th, 2022 | 01:01:45

Eyes For Safety: Safety Inspections

You might have noticed that maintaining a safe work environment for your business is becoming increasingly more challenging. OSHA announced in the beginning of the year that it is cracking down on safety violations and increasing penalty amounts for all types of violations. To be pro-active in the workplace and to keep people safe, we need to make observations of the workplace, whether with scheduled inspections or through real-time safety observations or Gemba walks. The workplace needs to be audited and inspected to ensure that the processes are adhered to as per the rules and regulations. The findings need to be recorded and shared with the management and the relevant stakeholders for correcting and strengthening processes.

In short, audits and inspections are at the core of any management system. You need a robust audit system to help you “know and identify gaps” ahead of time – so they can be fixed before any event or incident happens. You also need a modern system that fits with new realities – such as remote work – and that can transform safety inspections, observations, and corrective actions into data / analytics to improve your decision-making.

Join us to discuss

  • Leading vs. lagging Indicators
  • Best practices with inspections / audits
  • How “leading metrics” can drive organizational change
  • Digital forms / inspections on the field (mobile)

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