Report: Over 60% of the Companies We Surveyed Are Looking to Digitally Transform Their Supplier Quality Capabilities
Blog | March 25th, 2021

Report: Over 60% of the Companies We Surveyed Are Looking to Digitally Transform Their Supplier Quality Capabilities

Key Highlights:

  • Team ComplianceQuest, spearheaded by Nikki Willett, VP of Industry Solutions & Digital Transformation for EQMS, conducted a carefully designed survey to understand the current state of how manufacturers were approaching supplier quality and related supplier management processes.
  • Respondents came from a wide variety of manufacturing industries, company sizes and geographic locations.
  • Some results concluded: 70% stated issues and changes are not communicated and collaboratively managed; 49% do not have a comprehensive supplier quality program in place; 50% do not have a continuous supplier quality improvement plan; and final 60% stated that supplier risk is top of mind.

Based on the survey, we have published a Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark Report, that offers a detailed perspective of how today’s manufacturing industries are faring in their supplier quality maturity journey and how digital transformation can help accelerate it.

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Of course, the reason why supplier quality and related processes are critical in today’s era is:

As much as 65% of the value of a company’s products or services is derived from its suppliers – and its supply chain. And Supplier quality is a critical element of this. Moreover, the digital transformation of supplier quality processes used to be a “good to have” a few years back. Today, it’s imperative for survival.

As companies advance in their digital transformation of supplier quality, they can more effectively address disruptions, regulatory challenges, better manage risk and bring supplier quality into alignment.

Broadly, there are seven top reasons why supplier quality digital transformation is critical:

  1. Data and process-driven supplier selection, with a clear rationale
  2. Automation of supplier evaluation and qualification/re-qualification processes
  3. Ease of supplier onboarding (or reboarding)
  4. Ensuring on-going supplier training
  5. Continuous engagement with suppliers, ideally in real-time
  6. Two-way collaboration and communication between manufacturer and supplier teams
  7. Continuous performance monitoring

The report is designed to not only share findings from the survey but will also help you benchmark your own current state of supplier quality maturity vis-à-vis that of your competition and peers.

Download the Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark Report here and take the first step to improve your supplier quality digital edge.

You can also request your own “personalized” Supplier Quality Maturity Report. The Personalized Report is FREE. Email to begin the process and we’ll schedule your Personalized Report presentation.

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