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According to a recent study conducted by McKinsey with 100 large organizations, digitally integrated supply chains could generate billions in new value for large corporations.

What do we mean by digitally integrated supply chains? Broadly speaking, it refers to the following:

  • Deeper collaboration among all actors across the supply chain including suppliers, partners, dealers, and contract manufacturers
  • This collaboration must go beyond demand forecasts, cost, and delivery data. It must include real-time data across operations and logistics, overall operational efficiency of suppliers, supplier quality metrics, etc.
  • There is trust, transparency and reliability across the supply value chain, thanks to data available at the fingertips
  • Overall, it must help drive “potential efficiency gains” through better supply-chain planning and execution, logistics, and quality management

It is critical for manufacturers to constantly monitor and measure supplier quality across the following phases: supplier onboarding, ongoing supply chain management, and continuous improvement of supplier performance across the manufacturing lifecycle. For this to happen seamlessly, it is a no-brainer to implement a next-generation EQMS with an integrated Supplier Management Solution.

One of the key features of ComplianceQuest EQMS is called Supplier Central. It makes it easy for quality and supply chain leaders to do the following:

  • Track all supplier-related data in real-time
  • End-to-end data visibility to review any supplier’s quality standing
  • Respond to supply chain-related requests with agility
  • Submit requests to suppliers, contract manufacturers, dealers, or partners
  • Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders

CQ Supplier Central

The following ten capabilities of CQ Supplier Central makes life easier for quality and supply chain leaders.

Capabilities CQ Supplier Central

Automate Supplier Qualification Workflow
CQ’s Supplier Central streamlines and automates the supplier qualification workflow. With our solution, it is easy to: define and document the supplier qualification criteria; categorize suppliers by risk level; design a custom workflow for qualifying steps; shortlist suppliers; track and document vendor assessments; complete the onboarding process; manage supplier agreements; and finally conduct periodic re-qualification as needed.

Deviation Request Management
A Supplier Deviation Request (SDR) is used by suppliers to document a request related to a process or product deviation. With integrated change management and document management solution in ComplianceQuest EQMS, the SDR workflow is a breeze with our solution.

PPAP Submission
Suppliers need to submit a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) to prove that they have met or exceeded specifications and customer requirements. It is also used to show that the ​​supplier is capable of consistently reproducing quality parts. With CQ Supplier Central, it is easy for suppliers to do the PPAP submission with a pre-decided template.

CoA Submission
Along with each shipment, a CoC/CoA certificate is essential. With CQ Supplier Central, each supplier can e-submit this certificate along with other necessary documents in just a few clicks.

Escalation Response
For both the manufacturer and the supplier, the process of complaint handling and escalation response must be seamless. The agility with which a supplier responds to a complaint or escalation is critical. It directly affects the supplier’s quality rating and data from escalations must also be used to prevent future recurrence. With CQ Supplier Central, the collaboration between supplier and manufacturer, especially in the case of escalation response, is streamlined and structured.

SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Requests)
The in-built SCAR process issues alerts to suppliers about non-conformance or change management efforts enabling them to take corrective action quickly.

Audits and Surveys
A robust auditing suite with an audit workflow engine provides best practice functionality to conduct all types of audits – even remote audits. You can record findings, and the link to the SCAR process enables responding to the finding. You can also issue reports and analyze trends about supplier performance.

Document Exchange
Securely share, distribute, track, and control access to latest versions of documents such as product drawings, quality manuals, supplier quality agreements, Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Certificate of Compliance (CoC), sales collateral, etc. from a browser or a tablet device. Suppliers can access the relevant documents from a central location in a unified cloud-based QHSE (EQMS + EHS) solution.

In addition to all the above capabilities, CQ Supplier Central make life easier for both the supplier and manufacturer by enhancing collaboration and using data and AI capabilities to improve supplier performance and program management efforts.

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