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We know that increased globalization over the last decade has resulted in a rise of supplier risk for manufacturers in all sectors. But how significant an impact issue is it for manufacturers worldwide? With the COVID-19 pandemic fast forwarding digital transformation efforts, how much has the industry advanced towards setting up a standardized supplier quality program in collaboration with their suppliers? How does your company fare with regards to supplier quality and how can you improve?

ComplianceQuest has conducted an in-depth study to assess the maturity of supplier quality programs and digital transformation in manufacturers across the world. Our goal was to understand how companies are managing their suppliers and what they are doing to better reap its rewards. We looked at supplier quality programs and digitalization across the entire lifecycle of a supplier including,

  • overall strategy
  • selecting, evaluating and on-boarding suppliers
  • supplier qualification
  • engaging suppliers on issues through cross-collaboration
  • monitoring and assessing supplier performance with key metrics
  • identifying key trends and impacts driving the next steps in transformation

This report gives you an industry overview – are companies changing by applying a standardized Supplier Quality Program through digital transformation in collaboration with its suppliers? And where do you rank in your supplier quality maturity – do you need to play catch up?

Don’t ignore this powerful way to gain insight into your company’s supplier quality program maturity. Get this in-depth and comprehensive industry analysis report here:


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