Safety Management: Continuous Improvement Loop using Data & Analytics

Whitepaper | June, 2022

Today, it’s proven that a process-oriented approach to health and safety management can reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. By using digital transformation and automation, companies can design a robust safety management system that makes it easy for the H&S team and the entire company to think about a safety-first approach across the product or service lifecycle.

Continuous safety improvement is the commitment to constantly analyze your safety performance through fact-based data and KPIs. Running analytics on safety data provides insights into process variability and directly addresses the effects on employee well-being. By using real-time statistical process control and machine learning techniques, safety teams can understand incident variability better while forecasting possible future accidents.

In this whitepaper, we address how can we continuously reduce the number of safety incidents and possibly even bring it to zero, the role of data and analytics to proactively improve safety management and, what do we need to do to operationalize a “continuous improvement loop” to improve employee well-being, regulatory compliance, and workplace safety.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Using both structured and unstructured data to drive continuous improvement (CI) of the health & safety system
  • Need for a closed loop system
  • Challenges to continuous improvement
  • Employee engagement to improve safety efforts
  • Paying Attention to the end-to-end safety management workflow
  • Automating continuous improvement workflows with ComplianceQuest
  • And more

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