June 25th, 2020 | 31:49

Supplier Readiness- Digital transformation of supply chain alignment for re-opening safely

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply disrupted the supply chains of most companies around the world. As enterprises return to work, it is imperative to drive a collaborative, automated, data-driven process to assess the current state of your supply chain and rebuild it as needed.

Companies are grappling with new supplier qualifications, upgrading quality processes for current and new suppliers, and reinventing their supply chains to adapt to the new normal. CEOs and supply chain leaders must re-look at their supply chain data from four broad lenses – supplier quality & resilience, location, wellness & safety of people, and new ideas & processes.

Our speakers, CEO and founder Prashanth Rajendran, our CSO Nikki Willett, and our VP of Sales Chris Thornton will address why phone calls and email-based supplier readiness assessments will not suffice. There is a better way to communicate and collaborate and we will discuss it in this webinar.

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