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Workplace Safety

Workplace safety management software that’s easy to use for everyone at your organization

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

What is workplace safety?

Workplace safety is important for all organizations regardless of their size. It is considered a duty and as the moral responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of the employees. Workplace safety includes taking safety measures to protect the employees, equipment and business property. To make the workplace safer, regulatory bodies such as OSHA have mandated a set of rules that helps employers with establishing a safety protocol in the organization

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Why is Workplace Safety Needed?

By adhering to the recommended OSHA practices, employers and business owners can:

  • Prevent injuries, illness, or even death in the workplace
  • Overcome financial suffering and hardship that can affect workers, family, or even the employers
  • Improve workplace morale
  • Create favorable brand image among the community of customers and suppliers
  • Reduce the attrition rate
Workplace Safety Need
Workplace Safety importance

Importance of Workplace Safety

  • Reduces workplace stress
  • Improves awareness about workplace
  • Prevents workplace injuries due to inappropriate use of tools
  • Improves productivity
  • Helps avoid damage to industrial-grade equipment

Benefits of Workplace Safety

The renewed or enhanced commitment to safety and health and the cooperative atmosphere between employers and workers have been linked to:

Improvements in the product, process, and service quality

Better workplace morale

Improved employee recruiting and retention

A more favorable image and reputation (among customers, suppliers, and the community)

  • Improvements in the product, process, and service quality

  • Better workplace morale

  • Improved employee recruiting and retention

  • A more favorable image and reputation (among customers, suppliers, and the community)

reduce manufacturing workplace safety risks

Could You Do More to Reduce Your Manufacturing Workplace Safety Risks?

Workplace Safety Policies

As mandated by Section 24 of OSHA, all workplaces with 5 or more employees must develop and review the safety policy annually. A workplace safety policy clearly defines the employer’s commitment to health and safety protocols in the workplace. The safety policy must specify and define the roles and responsibilities of personnel handling safety measures in the organization. The policy should always include:

  • Commitment to providing a healthy and safe everyday work environment by defining the safety practices in daily work activities.

  • A statement defining employer’s responsibilities and precautions such as training to prevent injury and illness.

  • A statement that defines the role and responsibility of everyone working in the organization with regard to a safe workplace.

  • A statement demonstrating the safety procedure that will be implemented across all levels in the organization.

Importance of Safety Training

Importance of Safety Training

OSHA mandates education and training to all employers, managers, supervisors, and workers. The training programs should include:

  • Necessary knowledge and skillset required to do work safely without creating hazards that could become a risk for anyone in the workplace.
  • A clear understanding of workplace hazards and methods to identify, report, and control them.
  • Specialized training if the work poses unique hazards.

Through safety training, organizations can:

  • Improve communication between supervisors and employees.
  • Inform employees of the safety practices implemented by employers.
  • Ensure proper handling of assets such as forklifts without any incidents.
  • Remain OSHA compliant.
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Customer Success

3 North American Companies Reduce Incidents and Strengthen Safety Culture with ComplianceQuest’s Next-Gen Safety Management Solution

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Workplace Safety Equipment

Essential personal protective equipment (PPE) should be available at the workplace to anyone who could be working with a potential work safety hazard. Protective eyewear, clothing, safety masks, hard hats, gloves, shoes and any other equipment should be made available. This safety equipment is also an essential component for those office workers who might enter a potential safety hazard area.

Workplace Safety Equipment

What Makes CQ Workplace Safety Solution Different?

ComplianceQuest offers a Workplace Safety App for to help employers manage their employee health and safety information effectively and efficiently. This app can help protect workers, reduce safety costs, and lower risk to operations by facilitating safety and HR leaders to collaborate effectively to design safety processes and continuously improve workplace safety standards. The app includes data-capture and analytics features that will help enterprises make informed decisions using real-time data. The CQ safety management solution includes a range of intuitive tools and applications to complete any organization’s safety and health program, including:

  • Risk management

  • Toolbox talks

  • Stop work authority

  • Safety notification and collaboration

  • Analytics and dashboards

  • Mobile Access

ComplianceQuest and Salesforce
– a winning combination

ComplianceQuest pairs the user-friendly tools of SalesForce with a very capable and responsive development / support team resulting in a full QMS application that was adapted to our processes and very easy to implement. Our large, global organization is not an easy group to please. From their patient participation in our configuration workshops to their quick responses to every email and crazy request, the CQ team has proven to be a true partner in our implementation. Their website and demos show how user-friendly and well integrated the modules are. The REAL win is getting this functionality with a team who is truly invested and has gone over and above to make our implementation a success!

Melanie Lees,
Quality Director

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Workplace Safety solution

ComplianceQuest Workplace Safety Solutions

The Workplace Safety app also aligns with the OSHA guidelines. The app is designed with the following features:

  • command center to pull open the safety scores of any location
  • Schedule and track inspections monthly or weekly
  • Track the capacity of any location-based on OSHA stipulated guidelines
  • Open CAPAs to ensure quick action is taken when needed
  • Access reports by location, by injury type, or by the time of reporting of an incident
  • Create checklists to track specialized requirements

Make the workplace safer to ensure the safety of the employees as per OSHA guidelines with CQ's workplace safety solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are six main categories of hazards in the workplace:

    • Biological including viruses, bacteria, insects etc.

    • Chemical hazards that can cause blindness, respiratory problems, skin irritation.

    • Physical hazards such as noise, radiation, height, pressure.

    • Safety hazards such as exposed wires, tripping hazard.

    • Ergonomic hazards that can cause musculoskeletal injuries.

    • Psychosocial hazards such as sexual harassment, stress and workplace violence.

    • Perform the relevant risk assessment to understand the nature of work and its related hazards.

    • Introduce necessary control measure to reduce or eliminate identified hazards.

    • Train employees with basic Level 1,2,3 health and safety training in addition to other specific training for workplace hazards.


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