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As businesses gear up to restart on-site operations, it is imperative that they adopt a collaborative process focused on employee health and workplace safety. At ComplianceQuest, we have launched a Workplace Safety app as part of Salesforce’s Work.com initiative. We believe that this app can play a crucial role in making the lives of HR and safety leaders a lot simpler, way more efficient and improve the level of safety for the organization.

The key value proposition of the Workplace Safety app is this: To offer a data-driven, collaborative platform to manage the workflows for employee health and workplace safety.

How can workplace safety processes be automated for optimal impact?

  • Design: Build an exhaustive process, workflows, and checklists to manage workplace safety interventions.
  • Monitor: Track workplace safety data in real-time, with data visibility across the organization.
  • Act: Take actions based on predictive analytics and a proactive mindset.
  • Improve: Last but not the least, be quick to take corrective or preventive action as needed.



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