Streamline Your Document Management Lifecycle with Integration to Box, Google, and Microsoft 365
Blog | October 25th, 2021

Streamline Your Document Management Lifecycle with Integration to Box, Google, and Microsoft 365

The VP of Quality at a fast-growing life sciences company had this to say about ComplianceQuest EQMS and specifically our document management product:

“We are no longer chasing folks down to update and approve our docs, or to be sure we have the latest process specs distributed across the org. With ComplianceQuest, everyone’s on the same page all the time. We’re confident that everyone gets updated when they should, and that our team is fully trained any time any operating requirements or instructions get changed.”

The quality leader says this because the key philosophy behind ComplianceQuest’s Document Management solution is: Relevant Information within Reach – Always. We want to make it really easy for the quality or EHS leader to manage the entire document lifecycle, gain complete visibility into any data or documents, and use CQ Document Management as the single source of truth across all locations and business units.

Ease of Storage and Collaboration

There are two critical aspects to ensure that the document management process is streamlined and efficient. One, there should be storage at scale and it must be easy for users to search for documents based on the information they are looking for. Two, it must enable ease of collaboration. One of ComplianceQuest QHSE’s unique value propositions is to serve as a system of engagement, rather than being just a system of record.

Are you a quality or EHS leader looking for a document management system that’ll seamlessly integrate with Box, Microsoft 365, Google Docs, and/or Google Sheets? If yes, look no further than ComplianceQuest. Request a demo here:

The CQ document management solution is designed to eliminate document silos and offer a single enterprise-wide system. With a cloud-based platform, it’s easy to collaborate and share information using popular tools such as Microsoft, Google, and BOX when creating, reviewing, and updating documents. All authorized (and authenticated) users in your organization can see changes in real-time, and respond instantly with sign-offs and approvals. It is also easy to collaborate across the supply chain by including suppliers and contract manufacturers to get their input on certain documentation and/or keep them in the loop.

Today, Box is extremely popular to store a large repository of documents even in highly regulated sectors like life sciences and biotech. Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and life sciences companies use Box for collaboration and documentation storage. This includes both regulated and non-regulated content. The Box platform is designed to reduce security risks across the regulated content management lifecycle of controlled GxP documents. This includes policies, SOPs, and WIs — from draft to archival.

ComplianceQuest offers seamless integration to Box, making it easy for quality, health, and safety leaders to access the latest documents from any time, anywhere — as quality and safety management workflows are automated and streamlined.

Additionally, business users, prefer to use Microsoft 365, Google Docs, and Google Sheets for document editing. ComplianceQuest can be integrated with the Microsoft and Google ecosystem as well, so version control and the latest version of any document is available at one’s fingertips.

PLT Health Solutions, an exciting health and nutritional ingredient company, implemented CQ Document Management to streamline the entire document lifecycle across both regulated and non-regulated content. The document management solution was used by clinical, quality, health, and safety teams across the organization.

Thanks to our integration into Salesforce, the sales team was also able to access relevant documents with just a few clicks. According to the company’s Senior Information Systems Manager, the entire organization loves the ease of use and intuitiveness of ComplianceQuest. He says: “They love the fact that they can now conduct searches for quality, clinical, regulatory, and other informational documents and share them as a link from within Salesforce.”

One of the most powerful features of our Document Management solution is AI-powered search. As users start typing in their search queries, they are prompted with suggestions of documents they might be looking for. Based on the job profile/business function, relevant documents are suggested.

To know more about CQ Document Management and how it can integrate with Box, Google, and Microsoft 365, request a demo here:

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