The Value of an Easily Configurable QHSE with Low Code/No Code Capabilities
Blog | August 28th, 2021

The Value of an Easily Configurable QHSE with Low Code/No Code Capabilities

In this digital age, enterprises need to be agile and responsive to evolving customer and business needs. Often, adding new features or modules can become a bottleneck that causes delays. As process requirements change, what businesses need is a highly flexible and customizable solution.

ComplianceQuest’s QHSE (EQMS + EHS) Solution is one such offering that offers easy configurability due to its low-code/no-code capabilities. Being built on the Salesforce platform, makes ComplianceQuest QHSE highly scalable, secure and extensible. The Salesforce platform also provides support with a core set of APIs including the SOAP API and REST API, the Bulk API, Streaming API, and Metadata API. This rich set of APIs increases application development efficiency and enables greater third-party & legacy system integration.

It integrates enterprise-wide processes end-to-end and helps to keep pace with changing quality and compliance requirements.

PGT Innovations (PGT), headquartered in Venice, Florida, employs over 3,200 employees and is the largest private-sector employer in Sarasota County. The company implemented ComplianceQuest’s flexible and easily configurable QHSE solution to drive efficiency into its quality and safety management efforts.

Read this case study to learn more about how PGT used ComplianceQuest to drive up both quality and safety metrics across its various locations.

Read Case Study

Although PGT Innovations now spearheads the impact-resistant window and door market since its inception in 1980, it had once grown to the point where their quality control infrastructure could not support their needs. It was using several standalone applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and homegrown SQL databases, which had created a fragmented, inefficient environment. They realized the need for a single standardized, scalable EQMS system to support their continued growth and expansion plans.

More importantly, the company needed extensive customization to make the software work seamlessly with their internal processes across the organization, from supply chain and engineering to finance and customer service. Since the ComplianceQuest solution is highly configurable, the quality team was able to create familiar, customized interfaces to ensure continuity and provide a single, standardized EQMS system to meet its quality requirements. It was also integrated with the ComplianceQuest EHS system, to offer a unified solution for both safety and quality management.

The solution being modular by design, adding new functionality was also easy. From the initial modules of Supplier Management and Complaint Management, today, the company uses CAPA, Audit, Change, and Risk Management solutions as well.

According to Lisa Fuller, PGT’s eQMS Administrator, “CQ is highly configurable. Configurations can be as simple or complex as you want. Being cloud-based, it allows users access from anywhere, anytime, especially the Salesforce 1 mobile app.”

(Read the complete review here.)

The company had initially planned to start with the Change Management module but decided to implement the Incident Module instead. Since the solution is very flexible, they were able to roll it out within a few weeks.

Implementation of the ComplianceQuest QHSE solution has helped the company to experience:

  • Greater collaboration between the different departments
  • Increased transparency
  • Higher accountability within quality processes
  • Improved efficiency

The different teams are able to work together seamlessly to assess risks, perform root cause analysis, manage investigations, create action plans, conduct reviews and manage approvals.

Advantages of a ComplianceQuest’s Configurable QHSE (EQMS + EHS)

ComplianceQuest QHSE adopts an agile approach by using low code/no code, speeding up implementation time. Just Biotherapeutics, which was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2014, was acquired by Evotec SE in 2019. The newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary, Just Evotec Biologics, creates global access to biologics with a focus on technologies that help discover innovative antibody candidates, accelerate development and substantially reduce their manufacturing costs.

It initiated its early phase pre-clinical manufacturing plant in Seattle, and even before the facility was up and running, it decided to implement a cloud-based quality management solution (EQMS) since paper-based systems are slow and can be a hurdle to innovation and efficiency.

After evaluating several EQMS vendors, the company chose ComplianceQuest, as it is natively built and run on the Salesforce platform, has depth in terms of features, is simple to use, and can automate end-to-end quality and compliance requirements.

Being easily configurable, the ComplianceQuest solution was implemented at the end of December 2016 and rolled out at the beginning of 2017.

For ‘Just Evotec’, ComplianceQuest developed a feature called “Lots” for lot number tracking that helped the company to easily align with health authority expectations. It requires unique identifiers on some of its controlled documents and is needed to ensure that lot numbers would not be duplicated. This turned out to be quite straightforward using the low code/no code QMS from ComplianceQuest.

Just – Evotec Biologics, an integrated design company focused on technologies that accelerate the discovery and development of high-quality biotherapeutics, uses ComplianceQuest to automate it quality and safety management processes.

One of the key reasons why the company picked ComplianceQuest QHSE: the flexibility and scalability of the solution.

To find out more, read this case study here

Read Case Study

Benefits of Low Code/No Code

By using low code/no code solution, the configurability improves, leading to benefits such as:

Faster Delivery of Software: Shorter time for implementation, customization, and rolling out new features

Process Management & Custom Workflows: Seamless integration with existing processes to provide business continuity.

Flexibility: Easy configurability without the code and does not need the workflows or processes to be modified.

Continuous Improvement (CI): Being modular, enterprises can speed up the implementation by starting with two or three mission-critical solutions such as document management and audit management and adding the rest over time. This enables improvement of the quality workflows. The low-code QMS also allows workflows to be adjusted and improved to accelerate improvements.

To know more about our low code/no code capabilities, read here.

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