Are You Looking for a Smart, Predictive and Adaptive QHSE? Look no Further than ComplianceQuest
Blog | October 22nd, 2021

Are You Looking for a Smart, Predictive and Adaptive QHSE? Look no Further than ComplianceQuest

Frost & Sullivan recently published a paper titled ‘Next Generation AI-Powered Enterprise Quality and Safety Management System’. The paper highlighted the problems of using a legacy QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) solution, and presented a deep dive on why modern companies must adopt a connected system with a “platform-centric” approach to streamline quality and safety management processes and workflows.

So, what does platform-centric actually mean?

In the paper, Frost & Sullivan explains this by focusing on the key benefits customers experience by using a next-generation platform:

  1. A next-generation platform supports various quality and safety initiatives by providing leadership teams with relevant, reliable, and timely data
  2. It is intuitive and seamless, making it easy to derive insights, collaborate and take swift action
  3. Seamlessly connects people, processes and systems and ensures real-time data is available at the fingertips at all times
  4. It supports both a proactive continuous change model and a reactive continuous change model
  5. Is flexible and customizable, and offers a personalized, role-based user experience

A senior industry analyst from Frost & Sullivan wrote this paper on why enterprises need to migrate to a modern, next-generation QHSE. Read it here:

Why a Legacy, On-premise QHSE is not Enough?

Organizations with an on-premise system need to spend a lot of time, as much as 60-70% of IT time, on maintaining legacy infrastructure, dealing with security issues, managing data centers, among other tasks.

Additionally, on-premise systems also have the following disadvantages:

  1. Slower to deploy new features and capabilities
  2. Customizations are a lot more time consuming to implement
  3. Flow of information and data is not seamless
  4. Integration with ERP, CRM, PLM and other dashboards is not always easy
  5. Overall inefficient process harmonization across business units
  6. Difficult to maintain effective and consistent worldwide regulatory compliance, especially evolving compliance requirements

Why a “Platform Strategy” is Key to Implementing a Next-Gen QHSE?

Digital transformation is rapidly changing organizations across industries, including high tech, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, and consumer packaged goods. Companies seeking to digitally transform the quality, health, safety, and compliance solutions should move away from having only a “Systems of Record” to a “System of Engagement”. What does this mean?

A system of engagement means that all QHSE processes and workflow are truly integrated with rest of the operations. It means that it is easy to collaborate with relevant team members as needed. With a next-generation QHSE, such as the one we offer at ComplianceQuest, it is easy for quality and safety leaders to rope in key stakeholders into a “specific process”. For instance, there may be a need to loop in a plant head to deal with a quality issue caused by a machine. Or, in some other instance, the root cause of a non-conformance could be a supplier. So, the next set of steps of collaborating with a supplier, roping in an alternative and tackling corrective actions, etc. will be way easier with a next-generation, cloud-based EQMS.

Going further, truly next-generation systems can use the power of data in the application to unearth key insights. For example, if the QHSE can automatically prioritize a set of actions to be taken to tackle a non-conformance or rank risks by level of impact, it can be a game changer. By using AI and predictive analytics, a truly world-class QHSE will be able to drive efficiency and agility into the quality and safety management workflows.

The shift to predictive process management can be achieved by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

CQ.AI offers a wide-range of capabilities including the following:

  1. Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect, analyze and convert unstructured data into classifications from various quality events
  2. AI-powered chat bots help users perform complex actions through conversational CQ.AI
  3. CQ.AI provides powerful, AI-assisted recommendations to automatically classify, categorize and streamline issues. This helps with the triaging of the quality and safety event handling
  4. Avoid unnecessary investigations by improving “first-time issue” classification, reportability and risk. Identify similar issues and re-use previous investigations to eliminate the same or similar issues repeatedly and share the lessons across the enterprise

We recently published a whitepaper on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Next Generation Quality Systems. Read it here.

By adopting a platform strategy, organizations can create a “smart, predictive, and adaptive model” for quality, health, safety and compliance management.

  • “Smart” so that the data is available to the right people at the right time and supports self-directed processes.
  • “Adaptive” allows decision-making to be based on a continuous improvement model where changes are constant.
  • “Predictive,” which focuses on recognizing trends, outcomes, and improvements.

Additionally, the platform should be compliant with regulatory requirements, standards, and expectations regarding digital trust.

ComplianceQuest’s Unified, Platform-Centric, Next-Generation AI-Powered Enterprise Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) Solution Suite

ComplianceQuest’s enterprise QHSE suite is natively built and run on the Salesforce cloud platform, and it is designed from the ground up to drive continuous improvement. All the solutions in the QHSE suite are fully integrated and connected, and ComplianceQuest facilitates collaboration among the various stakeholders across the organization.

The data-driven platform enables companies to shift from legacy to next-generation technology by providing the ability to proactively respond to any industry disruptions and create a foundation for agility and flexibility.

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, the aspects of ComplianceQuest’s enterprise QHSE suite that deliver some of the greatest customer values are the reductions in the change requests (-50%), cost of quality (-48%), customer complaints (-32%), cost of labor (-24%), and increases in employee engagement (+54%) and customer satisfaction (+37%) across the enterprise value chain.

Access the full report from Frost & Sullivan here:

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