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One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies was looking to improve quality and compliance metrics across its supply chain. The head of SCM Quality at the company very quickly realized that automation and digitalization of the entire quality management workflow were critical.

But there was a catch. The quality leader wanted to build in certain custom features into the QMS workflow. These features were extremely important for a large e-commerce company with millions of supplier partners. In spite of this requirement, the company wanted a solution that worked off-the-shelf or at the least one that could be customized easily. The other requirement was to implement this QMS really fast; speed and pace of implementation were cornerstones of this e-commerce player’s technology strategy.

After evaluating several options, the company decided to use ComplianceQuest for its EQMS workflow. The deal clincher was our ability to customize the workflow with no coding. Having been built on the Salesforce.com platform, ComplianceQuest is known for being flexible, customizable, and scalable. Additionally, having a modular design was extremely important because it was easy for enterprises to add new functionality. In the case of the e-commerce company, we started with Supplier Management and Complaint Management. Today, the company also uses our CAPA, Audit, Change, and Risk Management solutions.

We believe there are three key benefits to choosing a low-code / no-code QMS.

  1. Faster delivery of software: With a no-code / low-code solution like ComplianceQuest, a company can implement automation with agility and nimbleness. There is no need for expensive professional services efforts that stretch for months together. Often, companies can implement this solution in-house, thanks to intuitive front-end capabilities.
  2. Process Management & Custom Workflow: In any enterprise, it is critical that the software product or SaaS solution fits into the process or workflow an enterprise follows. It must not be the other way around, wherein the process needs to be modified to accommodate the use of the software. A cloud-based QMS, such as the one from ComplianceQuest, is designed for customization and flexibility. The client company can modify (without any code) the workflow and process as per their specific need. This was critical for the e-commerce company we mentioned earlier. With millions of suppliers, it was also important that the solution could work at scale.
  3. Low-Code Platforms enable Continuous Improvement (CI): In some cases, implementation delays can slow down the process of deploying business applications. In the case of an EQMS, enterprises are looking for a solution that is modular. Companies typically start with two or three solutions, say document management and audit management, and eventually add other capabilities. Also, quality leaders are looking for a QMS that enables continuous improvement of the quality workflow. With a low-code QMS, workflows can be adjusted and improved to catalyze improvements.

At ComplianceQuest, we use the Agile Based CQ Delivery (ABCD) implementation methodology, which is based on decades of successful quality and compliance implementation expertise across a broad range of industries. Specifically, we offer two approaches to implementation:

  1. ‘ABCD – Fast Start’: With decades of proven expertise working with small to medium businesses, we clearly understand the unique aspects of operating a small and medium-sized, growing business. ComplianceQuest provides you with a knowledgeable solution engineer who actively works with your company’s key contacts to create a unique, highly tailored implementation plan to guarantee success. ABCD – FastStart includes “best practice” guidance, based on our out-of-the-box workflows.
  2. ‘ABCD – Success Start’: As enterprises aspire for growth, underlying processes and systems need to be designed and configured for managing growth. Also, continuous business process improvements to make the enterprise more competitive is crucial.

    ComplianceQuest’s ABCD-Success Start, an Agile-based enterprise implementation methodology offers highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced resources to provide guidance and assistance in creating the best possible EQMS implementation strategy for your business.

    ComplianceQuest uses the concepts of design workshops; iterative configuration builds; integrated testing; and rapid knowledge transfer as a means to help implement even the most complex QMS processes across your enterprise in a short time. Our ABCD-SuccessStart provides for a highly tailored implementation plan with the goal of establishing a center of excellence that will own business processes and the systems to support the process.

If you would like to know more about ComplianceQuest’s low code features, request a demo here: https://www.compliancequest.com/online-demo