Struggling to Customize Your QMS Workflow? Use a Low-code, Flexible Solution like ComplianceQuest.
Blog | December 9th, 2020

Struggling to Customize Your QMS Workflow? Use a Low-code, Flexible Solution like ComplianceQuest.

One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies was looking to improve quality and compliance metrics across its supply chain. The head of SCM Quality at the company very quickly realized that automation and digitalization of the entire quality management workflow were critical.

But there was a catch. The quality leader wanted to build in certain custom features into the QMS workflow. These features were extremely important for a large e-commerce company with millions of supplier partners. In spite of this requirement, the company wanted a solution that worked off-the-shelf or at least one that could be customized easily. The other requirement was to implement this QMS really fast; speed and pace of implementation were cornerstones of this e-commerce player’s technology strategy.

After evaluating several options, the company decided to use ComplianceQuest for its EQMS workflow. The deal clincher was our ability to customize the workflow with no coding. Having been built on the platform, ComplianceQuest is known for being flexible, customizable, and scalable. Additionally, having a modular design was extremely important because it was easy for enterprises to add new functionality. In the case of the e-commerce company, we started with Supplier Management and Complaint Management. Today, the company also uses our CAPA, Audit, Change, and Risk Management solutions.

We believe there are three key benefits to choosing a low-code / no-code QMS.

At ComplianceQuest, we use the Agile Based CQ Delivery (ABCD) implementation methodology, which is based on decades of successful quality and compliance implementation expertise across a broad range of industries. Specifically, we offer two approaches to implementation:

ComplianceQuest uses the concepts of design workshops; iterative configuration builds; integrated testing; and rapid knowledge transfer as a means to help implement even the most complex QMS processes across your enterprise in a short time. Our ABCD-SuccessStart provides for a highly tailored implementation plan with the goal of establishing a center of excellence that will own business processes and the systems to support the process.

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