“It’s Truly Like Magic”, Are You Ready For A Next-generation Site Safety Audit process?
Blog | April 21st, 2021

“It’s Truly Like Magic”, Are You Ready For A Next-generation Site Safety Audit process?

A Vancouver-based company that is the world’s largest dealer of Caterpillar construction equipment and heavy machinery was looking to drive up the efficiency of its safety management process. The company employed 13,000 people worldwide with multiple locations in Western Canada, South America, the UK, and Ireland.

Since being established in 1933, the company prided itself on the robustness of its quality and safety processes. The company is in the business of renting or selling its construction equipment to a wide range of sites across the world. Safety leaders across the board – both within the company and at customer locations – wanted to streamline the process of equipment-related safety. In other words, safety leaders wanted a next-generation safety management system, one that will be automated and digital.

The goal was three-pronged:

  1. Drive continuous improvement of all safety metrics
  2. Increase the operational efficiency of all safety initiatives and SOPs
  3. Make it easy for collaboration and communication among multiple stakeholders both within and outside the company

It was also crucial to conceptualize, design, and automate the workflow around the following requirements:

  1. Ensure all equipment related safety policies and SOPs are followed
  2. All equipment rented or sold is maintained on schedule
  3. Contractors and/or machinery maintenance engineers had the appropriate training and certification
  4. Ease of scheduling of site inspections and audits
  5. Ease of scheduling of training and maintenance of equipment, with maintenance professionals having the right certifications
  6. Close the loop on any CAPAs that were raised because of equipment-related issues

In addition to these processes, safety leaders also wanted to derive insights from equipment data and analytics. They wanted to ensure the cost of maintenance of equipment and preventative maintenance schedules were put in place with careful consideration of all the latest data and information.

After careful evaluation of various QHSE solutions, the heavy machinery dealer decided to implement ComplianceQuest to streamline both quality and safety management workflows.

One of the project managers at the company had this to say a few months after the implementation was complete: “It’s just like magic. Our audit time used to take up to two weeks and now it takes only a day or less”.

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After implementing ComplianceQuest QHSE, site safety inspection time reduced by 93%, making the overall process more efficient and streamlined.

Advantage Next-gen

Before implementing ComplianceQuest, the customer was using a manual system supported by Microsoft Excel and e-mail. While the company was known to have a robust process for health and safety, the primary challenge was that using a manual process was too slow. It took really long to close the loop on safety issues, which in turn added to safety and quality-related costs.

Safety auditors would visit remote locations to conduct an inspection and audit. But, since most of these locations wouldn’t have good connectivity, it would take too long to enter the data and information into the system. Lack of real-time, data visibility for safety leaders was slowing down the process.

The company also wanted a safety system wherein on-ground professionals could enter data in multiple languages. They wanted a system that would work both online and offline and syncing of data entered at a remote location (when offline) would be automatic.

Most importantly, in today’s world, health and safety leaders are looking for a solution that would truly integrate with the overall business process of the enterprise. This means it must connect seamlessly with the ERP, CRM, and other systems — so there are no bottlenecks to the flow of information or collaboration.

“The success of our project started with ComplianceQuest listening carefully to what we wanted to achieve and offering solutions that would make us more proactive, efficient, and streamlined,” concluded the safety manager at the construction equipment and heavy machinery company. “They have significant features and capabilities that can actually make your work-life really easy.”

Are you looking for a next-generation solution to streamline your site safety audit process? Contact us to find out more or speak to an expert: https://www.compliancequest.com/lp/ehs/

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