The Role of Change Management in Digital Transformation

Whitepaper | July, 2023

Digital transformation and automation are here to stay. But it is critical that the transformation process is handled with a robust, well-planned change management system in place.

Changes cause disruptions to processes and operations. These could be in the short term, till the new process is working effectively, or may require functions or processes to be modified completely. Therefore, managing the impact of new technologies in different functional areas of the organization becomes critical to allow for the transformation to be smooth.

A change management solution well-integrated with the quality management system can facilitate the transformation without compromising production values and the quality of processes and products.

Change management integrated with the QMS can help with a smooth transition as it can help organizations plan, prepare, and execute the changes. It can improve the ROI by fully realizing the benefits of the transformation through better management of the challenges and risks.

Change management software enables the management of changes in a controlled and safe manner using a process or a set of tools and best practices to minimize risks. An efficient change management program improves the success rate of transformation but must be driven by a clear vision, engagement of the stakeholders in the process, and a clear plan to implement and monitor the progress and outcomes of the change.

In this whitepaper, we talk about:

  • Change management best practices
  • The 8-point checklist for fool-proof digital transformation
  • Benefis of integrating change with quality management
  • And more

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