It’s Time to Redefine Permit to Work (PTW) Processes in the Oil & Gas Industry

Whitepaper | September, 2021

The oil and gas industry is risk laden, and, prior to undertaking a hazardous task, it is imperative to perform a hazard assessment along with enlisting all permits that may be needed for each job. Over the last decade, oil and gas operators have been channelizing considerable efforts into ensuring safe operations, by focusing on implementing a digital solution, an electronic permit to work for example, that will help regulate personnel entering hazardous environments.

Electronic permit to work, or ePTW, refers to a digital management system that ensures that work is done safely and efficiently. ePTWs provide the procedures for requests, review, authorization, documentation, and hazard mitigation, all of which are necessary to protect the front-line workers.

In short, a secure work permit creates the requisite executive work power. To that end, the permit to work system has been a key tool to manage work safety in high-hazard industries like Oil & Gas.

ComplianceQuest’s holistic Permit to Work system is part of our EHS solution that helps organizations across high-risk industries gain better visibility into tasks that require permits, maintain compliance through proper risk assessment, and help streamline the entire Permit to Work process with a single solution.

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