Your One-stop Guide to Implementing a Safety Transformation Program in an Oil & Gas Company Using the Power of Automation

Whitepaper | February, 2022

Managing risks to the environment, workforce health, and safety are becoming critical today across industries, and no less in the oil and gas industry. A well-constructed EHS program improves a company’s reputation, shareholder value, and overall performance. When safety efforts are well-planned, employees and contractors working onsite feel more committed and this also enhances customer satisfaction levels.

Establishing a culture of safety is essential and requires management commitment, capacity, and track record (CCTR) for robust management of all EHS processes and workflows.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that Oil & Gas (O&G) companies implement an EHS solution to mitigate risks and to comply with international standards and guidelines.

Manual systems or legacy-based systems are insufficient to manage the complexity and the high risks associated with the oil and gas industry. It needs automated, AI-based systems with data analytics and enterprise-wide visibility of people, processes, and data — to be able to effectively identify, rank, and manage risks to prevent future events. Employees need to be empowered to report near misses and observations without fear. They should also be able to track progress on reported incidents to instill faith in the system and feel safe. Enabling users to report unsafe practices and hazardous situations anonymously will also go a long way in enhancing the number and quality of safety observations being reported. An automated system can help with facilitating and planning for providing relevant training to the workforce to improve their skills as well as inculcate safe behavior. This can go a long way in establishing a culture of safety.

In this whitepaper we talk about:

  • List of safety hazards in oil & gas industry
  • The role of EHS leaders
  • Steps to make EHS a part of corporate culture in the oil & gas industry
  • Key elements of an ePTW system
  • How CQ’s EHS solution suite can help enhance the safety culture
  • And more

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