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Safety professionals face many challenges on a day-to-day basis. Monitoring safety training and certification requirements is a key challenge faced by safety leaders. Digitizing safety training requirements allows for seamless tracking, making sure all employees are up to date when it comes to training. Additionally, it also allows safety leaders to track program completion.

Digitalization of records can make finding certain employees and their training history quicker and also cleans up some much-needed space at the workplace. However, if all records are not in one place, there can still be the potential to miss training deadlines. Cohesiveness among all training requirements and due dates for each individual or department is needed to ensure no program compliance gaps. This is where job-specific training requirements can help minimize the tracking required by assigning training documents to personnel under that title. This can be done at multiple levels in the ComplianceQuest EHS solution to meet specific requirements and to make sure nothing is missed.

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