5 Steps Safety Compliance Playbook

Whitepaper | March, 2023

Safety compliance is an important aspect of running any business. A safe work environment boosts worker confidence, loyalty, and productivity. People feel cherished and contribute to the growth of the organization. This has a direct impact on the brand reputation and business/financial performance of the enterprise.

Non-compliance, on the other hand, increases costs for the business. A safety incident will disrupt operations, leading to delayed schedules and loss of productivity. It may cause injuries of various degrees, leading to absenteeism, hospitalization, and disruption of operations. Sometimes it can lead to death.

Whatever the degree of the incident, there is a cost attached to it, to the employer as well as the employee. Penalties and litigation add to the costs that may impact the business severely.

The morale of other employees too will be affected, leading to a loss of productivity and a higher turnover rate. This will add to the costs as the company will need to invest in recruiting and training new employees.

But businesses cannot just wish events away. It cannot happen overnight and needs persistent efforts. While zero incidents must be the goal, it is a steady, ongoing process that needs sustainable safety processes and the involvement of the organization at every level. Using a strategic approach to safety, businesses can hope to reduce recordable incidents over a period of time. They can gradually work at eliminating fatality and moving towards lost time. The next step would be to move from lost time to recordable events, then to restrict it to first aid, to a near miss, and so on.

To be able to achieve it, businesses need to give their employees a clear direction, establish processes and policies, set goals, provide training, and equip them with the necessary digital tools to make their job easier.

In this whitepaper, we will talk about: 

  • The 5 steps to safety compliance
  • Tools and aids for safety compliance
  • Automation of safety management
  • And more

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