8 Tips for Successful 5 Why Root Cause Analysis

Whitepaper | September, 2022

While there are many RCA problem-solving techniques, one popular and easy technique is the 5 Whys method. Performing a 5 Whys analysis is one of the most efficient ways to both discover the root cause of a problem and ensure that steps are taken to prevent it from happening again.

This informed decision-making technique is used to examine the cause-and-effect relationships hidden behind a specific problem. Rather than coming up with a solution that could only address a certain symptom, the 5 Whys process focuses on countermeasures that aim to prevent the problem from ever occurring again.

One of the key factors for successful implementation of the technique is to make an informed decision. This means that the decision-making process should be based on an insightful understanding of what is actually happening on the work floor.

In this video whitepaper, we talk about:

  • The concept of 5 Why method
  • Objective of 5 Why method
  • 8 tips for successful 5 Why analysis
  • And more

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