January 19th, 2021 | 33:25

Build Business Value by Proactively Listening to Your Customers’ Complaints

Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is one of the most important things organizations can do to meet the current and future needs of their customers and complaints provides that valuable feedback. It enables an organization to understand issues from the customers’ perspective providing both direct and indirect insights into what is doing well and what needs work. However, many complaints systems and processes are often outdated, inflexible, reactive and lacking integration. As a result, agents handling customer complaints must navigate multiple systems while trying to reach the best solution in a timely manner. These inefficiencies and poorly integrated systems create information barriers; essentially blocking the flow of crucial customer and complaint information between those handling the complaints and those in operations and management.

Come to this Webinar to learn:

  • Improve visibility to complaint trends and patterns leveraged across the organization
  • Reduce compliance risk by accelerating complaints triage, handoffs and approvals
  • Simplify adverse event reporting for accuracy
  • Make effective decisions based on real-time insight of complaint information

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