CQ Guide: A comprehensive guide to implementing Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)

According to McKinsey, companies in high-risk industries have made significant progress in responding to safety hazards by implementing new technologies. Companies leverage these technologies to find potential hazards in their working environment. Organizations can now continuously improve safety performance and establish a safety culture by removing risky behaviors through risk identification, mitigation, and behavioral observation.

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is the systematic approach to reduce incidents and enhance workplace safety by analyzing the consequences of a particular behavior and collecting reliable and valid data on worker behavior. BBS follows Heinrich’s law of safety which states that if the number of minor accidents gets reduced, the number of severe accidents will also be reduced proportionately.

ComplianceQuest organized a webinar on "Promoting a positive Safety Culture through BBS and Safety Observations." This webinar focused on BBS aspects, the critical steps of implementing an effective BBS Program, and how your inspection program can help mitigate risk and promote a strong safety culture with digital transformation.

cta guide webinar
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