November 8th, 2022 | 59:23

Promoting a Positive Safety Culture Through BBS and Safety Observations

Identifying and preventing incidents before they happen is critical to keeping your workplace safe. Unsafe behavior is a leading cause of incidents and injury, which leads to lost productivity, increased worker compensation claims and jeopardizes workplace safety. However, if the underlying behavior can be stopped, then injury can be prevented. The key to preventing unsafe behavior is an effective Behavioral Based Safety program.

Whether your goal is to catch risky behavior or to focus your coaching where it will provide the most value, it is time to help your observers really make a difference by proactively identifying and mitigating the risk. It is vital to expand your observation strategy to focus on efficiency and effectiveness, to train observers to become effective safety coaches and set a great example for those in leadership.

Join us to

  • Deep dive into BBS aspects, including goals, tools, organizational principles, cultural principles and impacts
  • Get a closer look at the Heinrich Principle and learn the effective preventive measures to identify unsafe behaviors to create a safe work environment
  • Understand the 10 key steps of implementing an effective BBS Program
  • Learn how digitally transforming your inspection program can help in mitigating risk and promoting a strong safety culture

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